Galaxy Gear Smart-Watch – Fail Or Win?


Galaxy Gear Smart-Watch – Fail Or Win? – Samsung has been looking into the “Smart-watch” idea for some time now.  Apple also has been looking into the Smart-watch, but for now Apple doesn’t have any immediate plans on making the Apple iWatch.  Samsung’s new watch is called the “galaxy Gear” smart watch and will be released for purchased by Samsung in the next few weeks according to several online sources.

The Galaxy Gear Smart Watch is the newest addition to the smart watch war, however it may FAIL.  It’s not a revolutionary product and it “doesn’t change anything” so why make it?  keep reading for why I think it sucks!


The galaxy Gear Smart-watch will run on the galaxy gear operating system which communicates with Samsung Galaxy Android run phones.  Other devices that run under the same galaxy gear operating systems are RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal.  Others will also come later that will connect through the galaxy gear API.

According to MacRumors the Galaxy Gear smart-watch will launch with the Galaxy Note 3 in 140 countries on on September 25 and will be available worldwide to everyone in October. It will be priced at one time low price of $299.  Is this a win or fail for Samsung?

Honestly I believe that Samsung is doing the same thing with this watch as they have already done with the galaxy phones themselves.  

I Personally own an iPad and an iPhone and honestly I use the iPhone more and ignore the iPad.  The iPad is “cool”, but its basically the same thing in the way that it functions.  Yes it has a bigger screen, but thats about it!  The reason I use my iPhone more is because they both to the basic same thing, but the iPhone does more!  And there’s honestly no reason to have many devices that do the same thing.  They will go unused.  They will become useless.  Just like the galaxy Gear!

These Galaxy Gear smart-watches will feature time, weather, a camera and more!  But is this really enough to make people want to drop $299 on it?

I believe the galaxy gear watch will be a fail!  Mark my words.

Samsung seems to be super excited about beating Apple in the smart-watch competition, however Apple may be holding back on the “smart-watch” concept and iWatch production for several reasons.

  • The smart-watch needs to be more then a “watch”
  • The technology is still in development to make the smart-watch revolutionary.
  • Most people have discarded the “watch” for the “smartphone.”
  • A Smartphone is simply easier to tell time and see other information.
  • A huge smart-watch is not comfortable to wear.
  • These smart-watches look huge in size and seem annoying

We don’t know exactly how this new Galaxy Gear smart-watch will be taken by consumers, however Samsung is very excited to beat Apple to the competition.  They most likely think that they have the “next big thing” but has technology and innovation gone far enough to make the smart-watch something worth downloading?  I think not.

Just wait for the smart-watch to potentially fail.  

We will be following all developments of smart-watches around the world and will be reporting on the successfulness that these watches have found with consumers as Samsung and other companies join the smart-watch race.

I personally won’t be buying any said “smart-watch” until innovations make a watch band that is truly comfortable and light enough to wear anyway.  I also hope that these companies producing the smart-watch will “think” about the actual “usefulness” of the product itself before pushing it to the public.

Make something revolutionary and it will work, but taking the “watch” and adding some “smart” to it, isn’t enough in my book!

(Specs via: MacRumors)

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch Specs Via MacRumors:

“a wearable device that features a 1.63-inch 320 x 320 resolution AMOLED touchscreen, built-in speakers, and a 1.9-megapixel camera in the strap. It has an 800MHz processor, 4GB of storage, and 512MB of RAM.”

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