Apple To Offer In-Store Trade-In – Will This Give DeviceFlip And Gazelle Competition?


Apple-trade-in-iphone-storeApple To Offer In-Store Trade-In – Apple has hinted and confirmed that Apple stores will soon be offering a trade in program.  Usually when Apple does something, it gives everyone a run for their money!  The question is will the smaller companies like DeviceFlip, and Gazelle Be on the short end of this stick when apple starts marketing this.  We all know Apple has more cash reserves then you would ever believe, and they have the popularity to get on #1 on google just like “that.”  Apple will plan on launching this trade-in program this coming september 10.  While I’m not sure exactly as to how good this idea is for Apple, i’m sure people will be happy to be able to trade-in right in the store!  Now the questions is will they pay you enough?

MacRumors went more in-depth into this.  They say that rumors are telling us that Apple’s employees are currently getting trained.  We also know that they will offer $120-$200 for a iPhone 4, or iPhone 4S.  However other buy-back websites will most likely be paying more.  In a review of DeviceFlip and GazelleIt’s obvious that Apple most likely wont be giving as much, but it will be easier.  People just walk down to their local Apple store and fill out a paper, answer some questions and DONE!  You get the value on your next iPhone.  Companies like DeviceFlip also have a competitive advantage because they will be offering actual cash, rather then a trade-in value.


This trade-in program that Apple is creating is essentially will be accelerating their currant retail model.  Apple’s CEO noted that the “iPhone” doesn’t sell the best in the store itself.  Most likely this is because of the off-contract price.  Apple is now going to make a iPhone 5C, which will come in different colors but it also will be cheaper!  This may be an attempt for Apple to UP their sales in Apple retail locations on iPhones.  We believe that this cheaper iPhone along with the up and coming trade-in program is all an attempt to boost in-store sales by Apple.

Its also noted that Apple will NOT be offering trade-in on broken and water damaged iPhones.



How does this effect smaller companies in the buyback trade-in business?


The fact that Apple wont be offering trade-in on broken devices gives other smaller companies an opportunity to buy those unwanted devices.  If you have a cracked iPhone it looks like it may be a hard sell if your trading in at the local Apple store.  We really hope that Apple does stick to this and does NOT offer trade-in on broken devices.  This will give those smaller businesses a little bit of business where it would take all of their business if Apple decided to buy all device conditions.

I do believe that for Apple, this is a good choice.  It gives people more of an incentive to buy in the store instead of going out and getting contracts.  I feel bad for all the Craigslist guys that have made a living on buying devices.  This WILL decrease the profit opportunities of small buy-back business.  You cant compete with buying used iPhones with Apple, but as a buyback business you will have a chance at profit by focusing your buy-back tactics on broken iPhones, iPads, iPods, and those devices Apple wont buy back on trade-in.  These smaller businesses also should market towards people who want actual “cash” instead of trade-in credit.

If Apple decided to give you cash for your iPhones that would blow a lot of these other companies out of business instantly.  You cant compete with a big Apple if they want your business.

Apple is taking our small business opportunities away one at a time.


  • Apple is going to make more colors of the iPhone which will take away nearly all the business from small businesses that mod iPhones and change the color for you.
  • Apple is offering their own trade-in program.  This does take business from ALL trade-in websites and small craigslist “flippers.”
  • Apple has patents on stronger glass that will completely wipe-out the need for screen replacements.  This will also take away many small-business opportunities.


While Apple is crating new revenue streams for itself it shouldn’t prevent small business.  Apple does a good job at what they do however since Steve Jobs death many decisions are being made which might take negative effects on the companies future.  Only time will tell.  For now we know that Apple will offering trade-in programs in Apple stores near you.  We will keep you updated on the coverage as it comes to us!

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(source: TechCrunch)


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