Apple iPhone 5S Announced – 2 Major Innovations! [PHOTOS]


The new Apple iPhone 5S has finally been officially announced along with its price, tech specs and photos, and boy oh boy does it look nice!  There no doubt that people will latch onto this iPhone and buy it just like all previous models.  This iPhone 5S looks the same but its a lot more then meets the eye, as you will see bellow!

There are 2 major innovations that make this an even better iPhone then ever before.  Keep reading for why.


The iPhone 5S is here and with that 3 beautiful colors.  The first color seen above is Gold.  The gold is not a real gold, but a fake, and will be anodized aluminum as seen on all of the other iPhone colors.  The other color will be the generic White as seen in the middle of the image above, and then lastly the bottom iPhone in the image above being Graphite color as we previously reported: Graphite iPhone 5S color.


The new iPhone 5S packs a lot more then color in this launch, but new features that you will need!

1. Touch-ID iPhone Home Button Fingerprint Reading

The newest technology advancement in this iPhone 5S lies in the home button.  In design, you can see that there is a ring around the perimeter of the iPhone’s button.  This ring signifies the Touch-ID.  Touch-ID introduced for the first time in the iPhone 5S is a feature that allows the iPhone to memorize your fingerprint and use it to unlock your iPhone.  No more annoying pass codes.  Instead this handy tech improvement will give the user a much more streamlined experience via a finger-print recognizing home button.



The fingerprint technology seen above in the pictures is the next in Apples innovations and patents to make the unlocking of the iPhone easier, however its not only for unlocking and substituting the pass code.  This fingerprint will also be streamlined into many other aspects of the iPhone’s infer-structure.

In fact this new fingerprinting technology will be the first ever seen technology on a smartphone.  Apple does it again with their innovation and technology improvements.  The “Touch-ID” as it is called will also be used in the future for most all of the actions that a password will normally be used for.  For example, you could use the pass code for something as simple as download an app, logging into iTunes, or watching a movie.

It also could be used for unlocking “locked” folders which may be a new implementation in IOS 8.  All these things will be unlocked and / or protected with this new and innovational “Touch-ID.”  Im really excited to see where Apple takes this.  Im really excited to see how this really works.

If Apple makes fingerprinting technology that really works, that will be the cookie worth eating.  If it doesn’t work PERFECT, it will be the cookie that sadly crumbles.


The new iPhone 5S packs a lot more then a fingerprint reader and you will see that in this next innovation improvement!

2. iPhone 5S Greatly Improved Camera / Video Taking

With the new iPhone 5S, you will have some of the best iPhone taking ability every produced to this day!  Your rear facing camera taker will feature an 8MP megapixel and F2.2 wide aperture which is an improvement in lens technology.  The megapixels are not the only factor to look at, because the actual lens quality and aperture can be a higher deciding factor in the outcome of actual images.  Low light images will look much better in this new iPhone 5S.

This is why Apple has put so much into the lens, however thats not all!  This new 5S will also feature some crazy video taking abilities.  You will be able to shoot 1080P in 30 FPS (frames per second) and if you want some crazy slow-mo abilities, you will be able to shoot 720P with a crazy and amazing 120 frames per second.  Which is unmatched in FPS.

Apple is also introducing “burst-mode”  You will be able to take burst shots in succession with no problems.  This will make those sports shots and moving shots much clearer!  Exciting and awesome yes;  those race car images will look even better!

As you can see, these iPhone improvements are some of the best innovations seen, but the questions is how will it be in real life?  Only time will tell.

The iPhone 5S will be available Friday September 12.  Get it in your stores or online.  Pre-order not available.

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