Apple Inc. Has Been Trolled Over 171 Times For Patent Claims And Cases In The Past 5 Years!


Apple Inc. Has Been Trolled Over 171 Times For Patent Claims And Cases In The Past 5 Years! – You might think Apple is becoming a Patent trolled after recent findings show that Apple is being viciously attacked by anyone over the slightest notion of copyright infringement.


Apple has the money and the balls to file any case they really want with Samsung and other phone companies, however recently findings show (as seen in the image above) that “Patent Trolls” have been taking advantage of the fact that Apple has a lot of “Cash.”  According to research firm PatentFreedom, A Patent Troll is “any entity that earns or plans to earn the majority of its revenue from the licensing or enforcement of its patents”.


Obviously Apple has other revenue streams through its products and wont really need to practice such a thing, however other people looking to make a “quick buck” have engaged in this trolling to make millions off of Apple.  This startling news does make you wonder if it might be connected with phony rich patent holders?

According to Forbes, Apple has right around 39.1 Billion dollars and much more adding up as we speak!  Apple has in its on reserves over 137 Billion in reserves alone let alone the cash investments that you can see in the image bellow.  This obviously puts Apple in the perfect spot for people that want to sue for cash!

(source: Sonian)



As you can see the cash that Apple has seen above is staggering.  This might have something to do with all those copyright claims that were filed.  In 2011, Apple had 42 filed claims against them and then 2012 they 44 were filed.  This data could suggest that part of Apples revenue could have been reasoning for those copyright cases that could have earned Apple-Trools some of that extra “cash.”

Apple seems to flaunt its cash in ways that are only seen in their devices themselves.  They just look “RICH.”  Apple also plans on building a huge futuristic space ship costing around 5 billion dollars.  Weather this will actually happen is unknown.  Reports from BusinessWeek state that this huge space ship will cost Apple a chunk, but wont be your “average space ship.”  It is just another sign to the world that Apple is “Rich.”

Apple is always spending money on things, but it has the money.  Our recent post about the New Apple Stores, is just one instance of this.  Apple also plans on building more stores and they have the cash to do it!

It does however make you if Apple is stealing other peoples ideas.  171 patent claims is a fairly large number.  The numbers seem to be going down, and we all know that in the first place, Samsung started to copy the iPhone and the copyright claims just kept on rising!

It will be interesting to see who decides to sue Apple next!


Apple will face a new lawsuit filed today by “Remote Locator Systems”, stating that Apple’s “Find My Friends” and “Find My iPhone” apps violate a patent that they hold.  Remote Locater Systems will continue to file and be seen as “just another Apple-Troll” , in its most recent tense!

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