A fly on the wall in Cupertino – Microsoft Is Attempting To Destroy Apple iPhone On YouTube! [UPDATED VIDEO]


The media shapes how we move and act at times.  It shapes what we buy, why we buy it and more or less if we buy it.  Microsoft has resorted to a dismal and sad way of doing things.   They have just recently today posted videos attacking the iPhone 5S and its certain parts by making these videos in an attempt to “make fun of” and thus destroy Apple’s fan base.

Update:  We we’re the first to have a live video mirror of the event via YouTube accounts: Publishize, and VaultFeed.com  See the video bellow:


It’s tasteless, sad, and a absolute degradation of internal character for Microsoft to do this.  My thoughts have changed towards Microsoft.  

They have made these videos to seem “real” by using people that look just like Steve Jobs and Johnny Ives.  Then they attempt to pitch the iPhone 5S and 5C in a funny way.  These ads just recently posted by the (WindowsPhone) youtube channel seem to be Microsoft’s ongoing attempt to degrade, destroy, erode, and dismantle Apples fan base and true believers.

Watch the videos below and you will soon see that Microsoft doesn’t have any other motive other then to destroy Apple and its following.  Will Apple be suing Microsoft in the coming months?  Possibly and possibly not.  We will keep you updated!  Now watch the video below:


Also check out the other iPhone 5S news below:

The videos bellow can be seen, however were removed by Microsoft because they resized how dumb they were being!

This next video seen bellow makes fun of Apples “polycarbonate” and their use of that word.

This next video makes fun of Apple’s term and use of “innovative materials” within their announcement videos.

Again Microsoft seen bellow making fun of the term “the phone for everyone” showing similar tasteless behavior.

Since Apple came out with the awesome new fingerprint sensor, Microsoft had to also make a video poking fun at that also.

The stunning ability to take pictures on the iPhone with the 8 mega pixel camera also gets drowned by another sad video by Microsoft.  What is Microsoft even trying to do?

My Final Thoughts:

Honestly why?  Why would Microsoft have to tear someone else down in a tasteless way bring themselves up?  Why can’t companies just make something truly better for the sake of making better products?   We recently say how Microsoft is copying SIRI by making CORTANA.  Why?  Why does Microsoft copy others and then make fun of them for no reason?

It seems to me like Microsoft is doing everything the WRONG way.  They bought Nokia for 7.1B, and then don’t even want to use their long-lasting name.  They aim to copy Siri with another girl name Cortana.  And now they make a bunch of videos striking fun at Apple.  The truth is that Apple is getting a LOT of publicity.  They get sued more then ANY other company in terms of copyright’s and they get heckled by every company under the sun.

Come on people?  Just because someone innovated in the first place and made something truly “awesome” doesn’t mean you should degrade and swindle your way to the top. It’s a ugly way to be successful as a company.  It leaves a sad legacy.  Take a chill pill Microsoft!

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