This Scary Walk Takes You To a Place You Would Never Believe Existed!


Lets hope you’re ready for an adventure, because this place isn’t just a dream, its reality!  At the first start, you begin traversing up some incredibly steep stairs called “The Heavenly Stairs.”  This staircase isn’t your normal staircase because has a total of exactly 3,922 steps.  If you don’t think this is scary, the sheer steepness of these stairs will evoke even the slightest hint of your fright of heights!  But if you think this is scary in any way, just wait till you see what coming next.

stairs-huashan-china – Take 3,922 stamps of grueling uphill exercise into what you won’t ever believe!

stairs-heavenly – This looks like quite a hike, but what comes next is even more astonishing!

stairs-china-heavenly-wall – The stairs continue up the apex of the mountain.

stairs-china-walking – Here is the view as you continue up the seemingly endless stairway.

As you can see the journey to the top still continues into the distance.  Little villages and houses have popped up along the way as you continue stepping your way through another thousand steps.  If it looks like this hike is “just a gorgeous view” your about to be stunned our of your mind!

china-wall – Your journey now takes a turn onto a mystic gondola to the southern peak.

china – Your journey now takes a turn to the scary side of life!

If you’re not ready for a dangerous and scary hike, you might want to turn the heck around!  You now are ready to step yourself through some shaky looking planks with a few slightly held chains as you continue to scale the mountain side.chinahuashan8

Why anyone purposely put their life into sheer jeopardy like this?



You have to stick your feet into a hole now?  You have got to be crazy!


If you end up loosing your foothold, don’t worry because the sturdy chain will hold you if the shaky wood planks decide to give out!  Lets just hope you have a good grip, because it might save your life during this journey!





Now you get the chance to take a stab at traversing over the several spots where the wood has rotted off.  Does it get any more ridiculous?  Nope, because you won’t be seeing the light of day to tell the tale if you miss even one step!



[email protected]#$%^&*&%*$*#!  Don’t let go, you’re almost there!



You have made it!  You now can enjoy some of what many believe is the best tea in all of China.  But if it isn’t the tea you’re going for, maybe its the adrenaline rush of simply getting to this remote location, Mt. Hua Shan!
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