Tadaa SLR Turns Your iPhone Images Into SLR Quality!

It’s free and its an awesome app!  The free Tadaa SLR iPhone app Turns Your images into SLR quality.  The macro background created by this app is like none other!


The iPhone boasts as one of the best smartphones for taking pictures.  The optics and aperture of the iPhone 5S is even better then the previous iPhone 5, however the all iPhone’s still lack that “SLR touch” that makes them unique in every way.  However, all hope isn’t gone!  New apps come to the iTunes app store daily offering better image editing for your already astonishing pictures.  This app however is more then just another fancy editing app!  In fact it will most likely change the way you take pictures possibly forever.

The Tadaa SLR app is a new addition to the free-section of Apple’s iTunes app store.  The saying: “You pay for what you get”, isn’t the case with this app.  It’s free, and its one incredible app!  There aren’t a huge amount of annoying advertising to accompany this app also and the app itself offers some of the best editing capabilities ever!

The best part about Tadaa SLR app is that it actually produces the images it says it will.  With this app, you simply select the region that is the subject and you can feather the edges with your finger to get the perfect area.  When selected, you can continue to the next stage.  The app incredibly changes the background to a perfect SLR looking macro effect.  Not only does this app produce a stunning effect, but it makes your images look like they were taken on an expensive SLR camera!  Of coarse thats what we all want right?  This app does just this!


As you can see, the image above was edited from a dull and normal iPhone photo into a spectacular SLR style image with that perfect looking SLR background blur and all!  You can also adjust the blur effect within that app for the perfect touch.  You can also add other effects after preforming the SLR transformation.  It’s an exciting new app that isn’t just awesome, but its FREE!

You can download the Tadaa SLR iPhone app on the iTunes app store today.

Download Tadaa SLR:  iTunes Download

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