Study Finds That iPhone Users Are Smarter And Wealthier Then Samsung Users!


Apple-users-smarter-then-samsungSamsung and Apple have been in an ongoing battle for the smartphone market.  Samsung sues Apple, and Apple sues Samsung for anything they can find under this planet earth, but the hard facts are that Apple seems to be capturing users that are generally more intelligent and make more money and are even younger then those samsung users.  Samsung smartphones have always been a little on the “cheap” and plastic side until the new Galaxy S4, which does in fact feel more solid.  It may be that Apple is marketing towards the more intelligent, OR people that are smarter are making smarter decisions.  Its not sure which, but the later seems to be more true in the case bellow.



This study was conducted by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners and published by Fortune.  The chart 12 listed above shows the education level by brand of apple iPhone vs Samsung.  You can obviously tell right off the bat that Samsung has a large chunk of high school users and some college.  However you will also notice that the Apple users mostly have a college degree!  In fact what this graph can tell us is that more educated users are using the iPhone and Apple devices as their primary device of choice.  Look on to the next graph as it shows the general age distribution of Apple users vs. Samsung users!


apple-vs-samsung-graph iPhone-users-vs-samsung-users-pole


As you can see above the iPhone users have more loyal relationships with their Apple products.  You can also see that Apple users are richer and have more income then the android buyers.  You can also see that Apple device users are younger.  So what does this mean?  Apple users are younger, wealthier, and have more education, but what could it really mean?

What we believe here at the Vault Feed, is that Apple users are smarter, and that is why they chose the iPhone in the first place.  Obviously if your an android user you won’t like this, but the facts are listed above, and they can’t lie.  It depends on the way you look like it, because Samsung may be able to sell more because the income in the world is distributed more in the lower income sectors.  That would mean that Samsung would sell more products because their pool of people buying the products is more.  That is something that Samsung does have going for them, however it also may have something to do with the actual product that Samsung is selling.

Samsung may be selling products that are easier for older and less educated people to buy into it.  Or simply Samsung has been advertising for the lower income sector.  But the real reason is that you have to have more money to own an iPhone from day one.  In the very beginning there was a special “iPhone data plan”  those same people were loyal and are possibly showing up in this study as a higher educated and greater loyalty.

Apple warranty keeps customers coming back:

I believe that Apple’s warranty is what keeps the iPhone users more loyal then the samsung users.  I recently sent in a Samsung Galaxy S3 III and a Apple iPhone 4S 16GB at the very exact same time for warranty.  After a week Samsung sent  me an email saying that the device had been received and was being processed for warranty.  ONLY AFTER 2 DAYS Apple sent me an email saying a new device was sent NEXT day air and should arrive the next day.  Basically only 2 days is ALL it took for the iPhone to come back, and it didn’t come back used, it came back BRAND NEW.  The samsung took another 2 weeks a total of 3 weeks to get back to me, and they didn’t sent it overnight or second day air, instead Samsung ships things a cheaper way.

The take home message to this story is Apple treats their customers MUCH better then Samsung users and this experience described is not the only one.  You can find stories like this everywhere on the internet.

This explains why Apple customers are more loyal shown in CHART 10.  What do you think?  What is the reason Apple gets the higher income, younger, and more loyal customers vs Samsung?


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