Sony QX10 Lens And QX100 Lenses For iPhone And Android!


Sony QX10 Lens And QX100 Lenses For iPhone And Android – Sony has been developing a new lens that can be used on your camera enabled smartphone.  The price is $500 or $249, but the quality is well worth it if your going to get deep into the “smartphone photography” feild.  This lens won’t be your ordinary camera lens, but it will be an addition to your already stellar iPhone or Android camera.  It will connect to the iPhone or android smartphone device via NFC or WI-FI.

This lens is NOT a lens that attaches to the iPhone’s camera.  It is a separate camera which attaches to the camera or can sit on a tripod and you control and view it remotely on your iPhone.  Its a great concept and it has already hit Amazon.  You might not like the price, but if your in the mood for priceless pictures, it might be a good purchase!

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As you can see, its a nice lens, but its going to cost you!  Nearly more then your smartphone itself!  These images and credit goes to GigaOM.

You will be able to get this on September 27 when it is officially ready to ship.  These lenses will create some of the best quality pictures you will ever see as Sony boasts their iPhone lens accessory the QX10 and QX100.


As you can see it simply clips on your device and then you download the iPhone or Android app and continue to use it as a separate camera altogether, but attached to your device via Wi-Fi or NFC technology.

qx10-clip qx10-self-portait

You can take self portraits or use it as an external camera.  Its a neat way to take pictures in higher quality!  Your pictures will be around 3-4 MB in size and the quality will be much better then your normal iPhone or Android Camera.

The lens is everything, not the mega pixels or camera.  Its the lens itself that makes the camera and this Sony lens boasts to take the best pictures ever!

(source GigaOM)


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