Shredding The New PS4 With A 50 Caliber Sniper Riffle In 50,000 FPS!


Ok, so you might think this video is a little crazy and ridiculous, but it just really happened!  The video seen below depicts the sad truth that some YouTube publishers love to portray gadget-death at its best.  In this case, its utter annihilation to the greatest extent ever seen dealt to the new PS4.  The PS4 was just launched a few days ago and now people are blowing it up with 50 cal guns!  Many viewers of this video will wonder what has gone wrong with this world, but the truth is that watching the newest and most expensive gadget explode is awesome and mind-blowing!  We recently published a post featuring a video of the same YouTube publisher RatedRR exploding an iPhone 5S (Right as it was launched)  Our eyes are now being tortured with yet another hot new electronic device hot off the press!


Yes, the PS4 was destroyed and as you see in the video, the PS4 actually did well on the first head on shot.  After that shot, your eyes will real with gadget-pain as you see the entire PS4 complete explode into uncountable pieces!  We all admit that the new PS4 looks awesome as far as design and concept goes.  The new controller is also something to be thankful for.  However if you don’t want to be wasting your time away playing games, you can waste your money away by getting rid of it in an “awesome” and “different” way.  Simply shoot the it up!


RatedRR Seems to be the first in gadget-destruction when it comes to the latest and greatest devices.  This isn’t an exception!

Watch the video and be blow away by its 50K FPS showing every piece of this PS4 get shredded!

So did you like that guilty pleasure of watching all of the PS4 disintegrate? If you want some more, check out our other video of the iPhone 5S GOLD getting blown to bits here – exploding an iPhone 5S.

Tell us what gadget you would like to be blown up next?  Leave your comments below!


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