Sell Your Broken iPhone: 3 Selling Methods That Pay You The Most!


buy-broken-iphonesIf your an iPhone user, theres a good chance that you have experienced the woes of dropping your iPhone, only to find out that it is cracked or broken. Sell your broken iPhone and get more then you know it by these 3 helpful websites and tips!  Most people that break their iPhones end up letting it sit in a far off drawer in their desk.  However doing this does no good and as the value of the iPhone drops over time, so does the possible cash value that you could get from it!  However you don’t have to let that broken piece of electronic value sit around.  Cash it in and don’t let it sit around.  eBay, Craigslist, DeviceFlip, CashitGadget, and others can offer you great selling options, however lets get specific on how each method really works.  We will also go over a few tips when selling your broken iPhone.  Its time to cash in on your broken iPhones while they still hold value!

#1 — If your looking for the easiest, safest, and best way to get rid of your broken device, is your best bet!  They offer you a great price through  Some devices that are broken tend to yield less cash benefit, however your broken device isn’t doing much good if its sitting around and collecting dust. gives you a price through  Then you simply answer a few questions regarding the actual condition.  For example, if you have a cracked screen iPhone to sell, you would select the condition for the “cracked screen.”  This would obviously lower the price.  However if your only other option is to let it sit around in a drawer, this isn’t to bad at all!

#2 — If you want to take the time to sit down and post an add, Craigslist does have a user base of people willing to buy your old device.  However they will most likely ask you a very low price since it is broken.  Many of these Craigslist buyers will actually fix and then resell your phone internationally.  However it can be dangerous and its important for you to be careful when dealing locally with people you don’t know and can’t see any track record of.  Make sure you meet in a public place for extra safety.  Sometimes you won’t get anyone interested in your broken iPhone, and sometimes it takes extra time and effort that may not be worth your time.  That is why with is a good place to sell with ease.

#3 — eBay is a great marketplace for selling, but there are risks associated with eBay that many people don’t see at first.  For example, if you sell your iPhone and the buyer decides that they don’t like anything about the phone, eBay will refund the buyer and sometimes won’t require the buyer to return the item.  In this circumstance, you will loose the item you are trying to sell and the actual money that you got from selling the item.  It gets worse though.  You also loose the time associated with selling the device and listing it.  You also lose the eBay fees that many sellers don’t know they are being charged.  You also end up loosing the shipping you paid and the time it took you to ship it.  This all can be a hassle if you don’t know exactly how to deal with eBay.  If eBay decides at any time that you are not being “good” they will also refund ALL the open cases and you loose all your money and all your devices.  Its a very unfortunate situation.  If you understand the in’s and out’s of eBay then it can be a profitable way, but its important to be careful.  Many people get scammed and loose their money on eBay on a daily basis.

Summary:  If you are holding onto any broken iPhones or other electronic device, its a good idea to sell them or responsibly recycle them.  Its always nice to get some money and feel good while recycling, and that is why Selling with is so great, however if you looking for a more rewarding and more time consuming selling method, choose eBay, to Craigslist. may give a better price then some other places, however it all depends on the condition of your item.  You can visit to get an instant quote, or go to for more information on selling. is also PayPal verified for payments and BBB Accredited so you know you can trust them.

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