Samsung Is Copying Apple’s iPhone 5S Aluminum Casing In Next Galaxy S5


Rumores are gripping the internet hemisphere concerning the new Galaxy S5.  Samsung has been caught in cross-fire over “copying” Apple’s products in the past, but it looks like they may subtly copy Apple’s Aluminum casings seen in iPhone 5/5S models vie their new Galaxy S5.  This isn’t just a rumor as InternationalBusinessTimes reports!  In fact a translated Japanese publication EMSOnes claims that Samsung has already ordered their S5 housings via their preferred suppliers.  We can see the trend moving towards the aluminum standard of fine design, but is Samsung clearly copying Apple?  Obviously aluminum isn’t a copyrightable element so its not likely that Samsung will get served any lawsuit, but from the exterior of this situation, it does seem a little interesting that Samsung is moving to the Aluminum side.


(The image above produced by PhoneArena is a possible concept of the aluminum housed S5)

Samsung does need to upgrade their device line when it comes to the “quality feel” aspect.  Most of Samsung’s previous models, while providing a excellent user experience, had lacked the solid feel that continues to enchant iPhone users dating back to the iPhone 4.  Most Samsung fans won’t want to admit that Samsung is copying Apple in any way, however via EMSOnes, the Samsung S5’s aluminum casings will be produced via a Taiwanese company named Catcher Technologies, which ends up being the same company behind Apple’s aluminum iPad casings.  If the aluminum cases are coming from the same factory, it bags the question, is Samsung following Apple too close for comfort?  Will this pose antitrust issues with the suppliers?  These are just a few questions that may be asked.  However Samsung Galaxy fans can raise their hope for a better quality S5!


The new Samsung Galaxy S5 will most likely feature a 64-bit processor confirmed by Samsung and ARM last week.  It will launch the first ever 14nm 64-bit Exynos 6 CPU chips in 2014 and are expected to dominate in the next S5 launch. There are also other features that may accompany the new Samsung Galaxy S5 including a 16MP ISOCELL camera and 2,560 x 1,440 WQHD and 560 ppi resolution.  If we’re lucky, this new S5 smartphone might come with a long lasting 4,000 mAh battery life.  Ohh and it also might have a curved screen?  what else could you want?

If Samsung does in fact use aluminum in their new Galaxy, fans will praise the quality and accept aluminum as their new standard, however Apple seems to innovate in the plastic century via the newest iPhone 5C.  Will smartphone casing popularity stick with the aluminum or the plastic counterparts?  This is unknown, but Galaxy fans around the world are getting excited about the new Galaxy S5.  At some point this might be the most popular smartphone on the market.

What do you think?  Does Samsung have a chance at creating the most loved aluminum and glass clad smartphones?


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