People Searching For Moving Companies And Moving Quotes Surge After Trump Win Announced



Trump wins the presidency and now everyone wants to move out of the country – Just moments after Trump won the presidency in the US, hundreds of disgruntled and unhappy residents in America started searching for moving companies and moving quotes on moving out of the country.  People are refusing to accept the new president and are seriously thinking about a move!

Many states in america have a greater saturation of Trump supports and they don’t mind at all, but the liberal saturation in USA is bombarding Google with searches for all related moving keywords away from the US has spiked more than it ever has in nearly a decade.

People are flat out pissed and are done with the USA.  Just check out the Google trends and you’ll see what we’re talking about!

Moving to Canada search spike

This spike is historically MASSIVE compared to any other year going back nearly a decade from people searching “moving to Canada” as you can see in the Google trend graph below.


Moving out of the US search spike

People who want to move out of the us has also spiked in the craziest way you’ve ever thought would be possible.  People are serious about moving away and searches for quotes from moving companies continue to climb as the moving industry thrives off this post-Trump saga.


Moving from the US search spike

You can see the same trend for nearly all moving searches coming from people who are moving away from the US.


As you can see, people are fed up with the system.  Google Trends is the only indicator of this as you’ll notice many moving companies advertising to people who might want to move.  They’re the ones to profit from this.

Who knows what will happen to our country with Trump as presidency, but one thing is for sure, Trump might have solved his immigration reform by creating such a socially-repulsive campaign that everyone wants to move away and to another place.

If you’re one of those that wants to move out and away, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Many other celebrities vowed to move if Trump becomes president, now lets see if they sell their beautiful multi-million-dollar houses in trade for another country and location – I highly doubt it!

But if you really want to move, don’t worry, there are hundreds of moving companies willing to give you a moving quote so you can get moving for the best price.  It’s almost laughable, but it’s true, many people are moving out and getting out.  You can even go to and they’ll give you a quote, among many others advertising to those who want to move.

Will you be the next?  What do you think, leave your comments below!


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