Next Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Will Shoot 4K 3840×2160 Resolution Video!


Next Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Will Shoot 4K 3840×2160 Resolution Video! – The new galaxy Note 3 will be made soon by Samsung and the Galaxy line, however the competition is Hot with Apple close ahead in individual model sales of the iPad and iPad mini.  Apple has been focusing on design lately and has produced some amazing products!  Weather its an iPad, iPhone, iPod, or even an iPod shuffle, Apple has spent their diligent time designing.  However the actual resolution of the iPhone and iPad hasn’t got an upgrade in awhile.

Recently we covered the Nokia Lumia 1020 and its camera via the commercial video that is getting heavily marketed on Facebook and ads around the web.  It now looks like Samsung is preparing a new camera that will shoot in 4K to compete with the new Nokia Lumia 41 Mega Pixel camera phone!


Samsung knows this fact and they are banking every marketing dollar on the new Galaxy Note 3, which will reportedly shoot 4K video, which is essentially 3840×2160 Resolution Video.  This truly is a great leap in video shooting technology on tablets.  Most tablets don’t cary the best hardware for taking pictures, however Samsung is changing that!  This new Note 3 by Samsung, wont be your normal iPad or tablet, it will be an incredible super-charged tablet infused with this new 3840×2160 Resolution camera that shoots 4K video!

Next Samsung Galaxy Note 3


The actual design of the new Galaxy Note 3, may not change as much, however the internals will be good.  We know this for sure.  Samsung has been making market headway with the galaxy and its smartphones as well, but the tablet tech industry is still wanting better and better devices.  The real question now is will Apple respond in this next iPhone 5S with a better camera?  You can see in our previous post about the Gold iPhone 5S vs black and white, that the camera is different.  This indicates that the Apple iPhone 5S coming this September will feature a better camera then the iPhone 5.  We don’t technically know exactly how good the new iPhone 5S will be. However it will be an interesting battle between Apple and Samsung when it comes to the new hardware and camera possibilities of the next generation!


Samsung and other producers are also coming out with “4K” TV technology which will be met will with Samsung’s Note 3 which will be aptly used with TV’s of this kind!  Currently most TV’s are HD and have excellent resolution but some are definitely lacking in the resolution district.  Samsung will continue to raise the bar when it comes to resolution, Screen PPI, and TV functionality.

The real question is will Apple come out with a iTV, or similar flat screen featuring a solid retina display?  This would obviously be the best thing ever and it would also be incredibly expensive as the retina technology is still fairly expensive!

It will be interesting to see how Samsung and other TV makers will integrate smartphone functionality into their future handsets and tablets.  I personally believe that in the future the standard remote that usually comes packaged with each TV wont be “standard” anymore, instead it will be a free app, on an app that you have to buy that will accompany the TV unit that you decide to use.  Apple also is said to be producing a iTV in the future!  We will keep you update on that also.

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