New Praiseworthy Blackberry Q30 Concepts Make Their Appearance!


Blackberry is picking up where they left off with the earlier and previous Z10 and Q10 models.  These Q30 concepts, if made a reality would give users the keyboard and the touch screen all with a great design!  Not only are these designs completely awesome, but they are also a definite possibility!  These photoshopped image of the preconceived Blackberry Q30 were recently posted by an active CrackBerry user.  They depict a perfect escalation of the Q10 and its developments into the new Q30.  This Q30 design features a semi edge-to-edge display that would look better than any hybrid keyboard and touch phone available on the market!  These sketches aren’t 100% reality at this point, but many people feel that the design would suit Blackberry well.


As you can see this new design would feature the edge-to-edge glass display that would cary up most of front of the devices real-estate.  The Blackberry Q30 has not been launched yet by Blackberry, but we’re sure that they are taking notes and possibly hiring up the genius minds that sketch up these concepts.  This is one of the best looking blackberry phones I’ve seen.  I personally hope that the adopt this concept in some ways at least!  I think Blackberry could make their product along the lines of these concept sketch ups.  Obviously they could make some edits and additions to the design, but overall it wouldn’t look bad at all!



This first black design would feature a black back housing most likely.  The front seems to be a gradience of black to sliver, which is a cool concept.  I hope that Blackberry chooses a hybrid aluminum unibody design for the back.  I wouldn’t personally appreciate the carbon fiber look for the back as they did with the Z30.  Carbon fiber looks cool, but sometimes it can take on a “cheap” and “fake” feel.  This obviously isn’t what Blackberry wants, so if I were to advise, Id stick with a solid aluminum back with laser etched lettering.

silver-Q30-blackberry white-blackberry-Q30


The other two colors are also really nice featuring white.  I think that the more squared look appears a little better, but depending on the trends, it seems to be possible.  The Blackberry Q30 will be a great phone if they implement a similar design to this.  I truly hope they do!

I personally believe that Blackberry has a chance in the market.  They have a niche, and with all this talk of the Blackberry company failing, its easy to loose hope on the company.  However I believe that the “doomsday talk” around the internet blogsphere isn’t a fair representation of the reality of Blackberry and its company state.  You can read my post on why I believe Blackberry can succeed here: Blackberry Has a Niche Market.  I do believe that these concepts would make Blackberry look even better and I truly hope Blackberry is taking notes via the fellow blogger on CrackBerry Blackberry Forum, and via BlackberryEmpire.

Would you buy a Blackberry if it resembled the Q10 blackberry concepts above?


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