This New iPhone Air Features A 4.6-inch Retina Display, Color Customizing, And Camera Upgrades [VIDEO]


When it comes to new iPhones, Vault Feed tries to get on top of it fast!  Today we have a new mockup design by a fellow youtube user featuring what they think the new iPhone AIR will look like.  We don’t know for sure if the next iPhone will be called an iPhone AIR, however we do know that it will be different.  Howe different we don’t know.  This video however shows some cool new features that must of us would be happy to see in another new iPhone launch.  One of which is the larger screen. I personally don’t get too excited about the new screen due to the fact that the iPhone is the only phone that my fingers can fully utilize, any bigger and I simply can’t use it efficiently!  However this new iPhone idea seen in the video and pictures below features more then just a larger screen.  It also features a set of new colors that this Youtube user believes could be a reality.



As you can see the design is also somewhat changed in this concept.  The top of the device itself would be larger then the borrow with a slight tapir similar to the macbook AIR models.  You can also see that they are introducing some interesting color variations within this concept.  I don’t think Apple will adopt this, however it is interesting to see how it could work.

The one innovation that I think could truly simplify the iPhone is the top lock button.  As you can see it serves a dual purpose as a lock switch and a button.  This would help eliminate false button pressing when its in your pocket.  That isn’t the main reason I think its cool, the main reason is that it eliminates another moving part on the iPhone.  Combining those two buttons might be a smart idea if done right.


I also like the closer edge to edge design.  I truly hope that Apple gets even closer to this idea of a complete 3D edge to edge display seen here:  Edge-to-edge iPhone concept.

You can see the video below showcasing all the possible future features:

As you can see, its most likely not going to be the next iPhone, but its a concept to put in the back of your mind.  If something does come of it, it will be interesting to see how it looks!

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