Microsoft iPhone Trade-In Launches: Boasts To Pay You Up To $350!


Microsoft iPhone Trade-In: Many of us have seen commercials on the late night TV for Gazelle iPhone trade-in.  You most likely have also seen those other companies like DeviceFlip, CashitGadget, and NextWorth that offer cash for your old device.


New news has reported that Apple Trade In also recently opened to give cash for your iPhone.  Now we have Microsoft trying to get you to “make the switch.”  Microsoft, who recently acquired Nokia for a whopping 7.1B, has been using every method they can to trade-in your love for the iPhone for a Microsoft device or phone.  They even went as far as to create a crazy iPhone Microsoft Parody last week making fun of the iPhone 5S and 5C.  They poked fun at the plastic and other iPhone 5S features.  But can they really make us switch to a Microsoft phone?  Not me!


Now Microsoft is offering cash for your iPhone.  The same company that they recently bashed in the video last week!  If you think that is crazy it’s also intresting to note that Microsoft has publicly announced that they will be paying up to $350 for iPhones and select Android powered phones.  This strikes with some irony considering they sell phones for less that are acclaimed to be “better” then the iPhone.  After checking that whopping $350 is the “maximum value” which means that they will give you $350 for a iPhone 5 with 64GB.  The truth is that’s a near rip-off.  eBay prices go for WAY higher and even smaller trade-in sites like DeviceFlip offer more as of today.  Its also funny because they actually think you will switch to one of their devices.  One of the devices seen in the images below that they claim “you’ll love” is the Surface, which has the some of the worst sales in tablet history!


They want you to “make the switch” to the Microsoft side.  However IOS 7 and their devices so far seem to be killer!  (Also Read:  iPhone 5C will sell like Hot cakes, and iPhone 5S Touch ID Works Amazing!)

As of now, people are very happy with IOS 7.  We recently did a hands on review, and it doesn’t just work like a charm, but it looks great!  There no real reason why you would want to trade-in with Microsoft to get their phones.  They are trying their best to capture the smartphone market, however I don’t believe people will be convinced at this current point!  What do you think?

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