Microsoft ‘Cortana’ Attempts To Copy Apple’s Siri Voice Assistant!


Since the rise of smartphones, the personal assistant was a dream.  This dream came true when Siri made its first appearance.  It wowed everyone and since then everyone in their right mind has tried to replicate, copy, and make a similar assistant.  The galaxy has S-voice, which tries its best handed effort to copy the Siri-like interface.  Other devices also do their best at trying to make their “assistant” just “that” much better.


However today some news hot off the press from RedmondPie indicates that Microsoft who recently bought Nokia, will make their own assistant rightly named “Cortana.”  If you have ever played the game Halo created by Microsoft’s game studios, you will see that the “Cortana” assistant is a core concept within the game.  When you are fighting and going around in the Halo game “Cortana” will speak to you frequently and “assist” you.


Now its no surprise that they are putting “Cortana” onto their mobile smartphone and possibly  tablet (surface) devices.  It also seems like a good idea, however it reflects the common way that Microsoft has acted in the past as a Apple-copy-cat.  Essentially Microsoft is copying Siri and calling it Cortana.

If you have ever read the book “Jobs” or seen the Steve Jobs movie itself, you would see the part where Steve gets very mad at Bill for copying their idea of the computer.  Copying their very own idea of a “paint” art program.  They seem to have continued this same “copying behavior” as the battle of voice assistants continue.


However with Microsoft’s slightly inferior mobile operating interface, this is an important step.  They need to have a voice assistant to really keep up with everyone.  Yes it might be a copy, but when Apple leads everyone, it forces others to follow.  Microsoft is reported to possibly include this “Cortana” Siri-like interface in its next Windows Phone 8.1 release.

Only time will tell how good it will be.  We will be sure to cover the latest on the Cortana project by Microsoft.

(source: RedmondPie)

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