Make Sure Your Website Is Designed To Be Fully Responsive On iPhones!


During the first quarter of 2013 Apple sold over 34 million iPhones and nearly 20 million iPads. That is a phenomenal amount of product distributed globally to consumers, who are hungrier than ever to purchase their products and services online. The question is this; can you really afford for your business site to NOT  be optimised to be seen easily on these kind of products, (Android technology is incredibly popular too), by consumers you are targeting?


What is a responsive web design?

A responsive website automatically alters itself to be seen and searched easily on whatever product it is being accessed by. You have tablets, phones, Macs and pc’s. All these products offer the consumer different kinds of viewing experiences. A static site will not alter it’s appearance and likely be too large for an iphone and also may suffer the same issues with various tablets and alternative browsers too. Here are the three ways you can have a responsive website set up for your business by your  web design company:

Have a website built from the ground up to be completely responsive to iPhones, iPads and any other technology that is likely to access it. Due to the fact you are building the site from the ground up it is easier to make small alterations should you need to tweak certain aspects of your site to make it perfectly accessible to a portal.

For those on a tighter budget you can simply purchase a pre made template design that has been built to be responsive. I would say that you will end up with a product that is 85 – 90% responsive most of the time with this strategy. Most of the common tablets and smart phones will be covered here. The only real issue is that you will have to pay extra for anyone to make the delicate tweaks required should the site not be accessible responsively on a product like you would with a totally bespoke design.

You can build a mobile, tablet and pc/mac version of your site. This is really expensive, though is most likely to be accurate in its responsiveness to as wide a product set as is possible.

The power of Apps

It is worth remembering that apps are incredibly important and should be invested in as a business should your budget allow it. Having a potential client or customer find you through a simple app click is incredibly powerful. The better and more useful/intriguing your application, the more people will download it to help them when they are in need of a product or service that you supply. Apps will be designed to be able to be accessed through mobile, tablet or desk top appliances.

Are you getting it yet?

There are likely to be over 100 million Apple products sold in 2013 alone. Add Android to this and the various other players out there and you have a massive market place that your website needs to be seen in. Your potential clientele don’t want to waste time trying to get your site to fit a screen so they can see it. Getting a website to be easily accessible across the whole spectrum of smart technologies has never been easier. You really do not have any excuse….unless you are not interested in tapping into that potential.  Put your website in mobile gear for the next generation of websites to appear!

Please leave your comments below.  You can also see a beautiful representation of mobile enabled web templates here:  Fully Responsive iPhone Themes


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