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All the Logos Quiz Answers For Level 4 iPhone, iPad, and Android are listed here!  Get the cheats, answers, hints, and to the logo quiz game app.  These logos quiz level 4 cheats will help you move on to the next level without worrying about a single logo that you might get stuck on.

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About Logos Quiz iOS and Android Game app:

The logos quiz game app is a fun and interactive game featuring logos from around the world.  Some of the logos are not complete.  In this game you must answer the logo and match it to the correct written word.  For example in level 4 the first logo has a R and a B.  This logo might be very hard unless you have these app answers, which in this case is Ray Ban the sunglass company.  We provide easy and simple answers as seen below.  We will explain each answer and give you the visual representation of the answer also, along with a YouTube video for Level 4 logos quiz game app also!  We hope these answers helped you.  If they did, please share them on Facebook for your other friends!


The first part of Level 4 includes the following levels.  Ray Ban with a R and B letters.  Ellesse has a purple background and 2 s’s.  Vodafone is a round logo with a red “6” inside of it in red color.  Air France is seen above as a E and a red forward slash.  Gap seen above is a dark blue background with a G.  Winston is seen with darker red background and a bird flying.  Nikon is a italicized N with yellow background.  Xerox logo can be identified by seeing a round red ball with some silver bands going around it.  Cadillac’s logo is a badge with colors inside it.  Dolby seen above has 2 “d” symbols that are facing inwards.  Lego simply has a “L” and red background.  United Airlines has a U that is dark blue and red seen above.  Hilton can be identified by the blue H and circle going around it.  Dr Pepper is a round red vector with “Dr” in the beginning to start it’s logo.  WiFi is a squared good and evil sign.  Black on the left and white on the right separated.  Reef is a neon green A with line under it.  RyanAir is seen with 2 R’s in darker blue colors.  Nato,\ is a compass seen above.  BP is the green flower or star shape with yellow.  Sega game company has lined letters “S” to start it out as seen.  If you don’t see your logo here, please check in one of the images seen below, or go to part 2 for more.


The above logos are Avon, Gordons, Wella, Rip Curl, Fosters, Peugeot, Texas Instruments, Lufthansa, BLuetooth, Mivistar, Aquafina, Johnnie Walker, Piaggio, Paramount, MG, Ariel, Rexona, Zurich, Dragon, and Anic

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