Logos Quiz Answers Level 3 For iPhone & iPad – Part 1


Logos Quiz Answers Level 3 – The logo quiz app is a fun game for your iPhone and iPad that lets you answer the logo to the shape and form of the logo’s image.


It can be difficult when detecting what logo is what logo’s name, however with these answers you won’t be “wondering” for long!  If you get stuck, simply calm down, take a deep breath and find the shape listed below.  Then input the answer that it has in the logo quiz game app.  Then it will allow you to go on to the next level without any hesitation.  These logo quiz answers are for level 3, if you need more levels please visit one of the links below!  

If you can’t find the answers below for level 3, please go here: Logos Quiz Answers Level 3 For iPhone & iPad

The word answers are listed here, HOWEVER, if you want a video that will walk you through the answers, you can head on to the bottom of the page and watch the video.  I hope this helps!  These answers are listed in the correct order that they are in.  

  • Level 3 Number 1 – T letter with arrow = ACCENTURE
  • Level 3 Number 2 – Eagle’s with a  silhouette = AMERICAN EAGLE
  • Level 3 Number 3 – Three strips in a wavy pattern = AMTRAK
  • Level 3 Number 4 – Triangle with a white circle = AOL
  • Level 3 Number 5 – Blue dog footprint = BAIDU
  • Level 3 Number 6 – A double “z” in blue seen = BLIZZARD
  • Level 3 Number 7 – Red color ribbon and golden crown on it = BUDWEISER
  • Level 3 Number 8 – The letter “c” that covers all of the background in black = CARHARTT
  • Level 3 Number 9 – Like a “C” pattern and half a oval on the opposite side = CHAMPION
  • Level 3 Number 10 – 2 red and blue arrows = CHEVRON
  • Level 3 Number 11 – Gold circle and some golden wings = CHRYSLER
  • Level 3 Number 12 – Yellow flower with a red border around it = CHUPA CHUPS
  • Level 3 Number 13 – Red letter “I” in a cut later design= CNN
  • Level 3 Number 14 – A blue star with “Chuck Taylor” as seen = CONVERSE
  • Level 3 Number 15 – Half silver mask design = DAEWOO
  • Level 3 Number 16 – Two red squares with a triangle = DOMINOS

If your answer for the logos quiz game is not here, please go to the next part seen below:

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