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Logos Quiz Answers Level 3 For iPhone & iPad – Part 2 – These are the answers for level 3 for the logos quiz app game for iPhone and iPad.



The logo quiz game app for iPhone and iPad is a game where you guess the name that goes with the correct logo.  You must answer it to go on to the next level and that is why we have developed these answers that will help you to properly answer the logos in the logo quiz game app.  These specific answers are for the logo quiz game app level 3.  These level 3 answers for the Logo quiz game app will help you get on to the next level!

We also have a video: Logo Quiz Answers Level 3 Video

The answers for level 3 are listed bellow with the shape and then the brand that corresponds correctly!

  1. A background made of green color with wavy framed and yellow with green color, also a wide white color in the center (KNORR)
  2. A Circle with a tree and brown colored shape with no leaves (TIMBERLAND)
  3. One Silver circle framed with letter “sport” in the middle (EA)
  4. “V” letter with yellow and then with blue color seen as visa (VISA)
  5. A Silver mask that is half (DAEWOO)
  6. The letter “T” with longer underlined under words (TELEFONICA)
  7. Squared shape and red background with the letters N and then X letters as seen (NETFLIX)
  8. A blue circle logo with star shape in the middle then yellow color on the outside part (FBI)
  9. A symbol that looks similar to a cat with green eyes and some headphone around the cats head (NAPSTER)
  10. The “M” Letter and blue color With a “W” in red (MOUNTAIN DEW)
  11. A silhouette of a puma animal cat like figure (PUMA)
  12. The Orange circle covered in a colored red (LAYS)
  13. Blue circle with three arranged arrows (YAMAHA)
  14. Red circle with ‘R’ in the center (ROSSIGNOL)
  15. Panda with black and white color only (WWF)
  16. Black circle with wings on both side right and left (MINI)
  17. Green rectangle with yellow border, number 123 above it (SESAME STREET)
  18. Letter ‘S’ with blue underline. (TESCO)
  19. Two arrows with blue and red (CHEVRON)
  20. Silver circle with arrow and blue rectangle in the middle (VOLVO)
  21. Letter ‘V’ with underline and colored red (VIRGIN)
  22. Purple bell (TACO BELL)
  23. Eagle’s silhouette (AMERICAN EAGLE)
  24. Symbol of omega (OMEGA)
  25. Label with ‘Tennessee sour mash Whiskey’ word on it (JACK DANIELS)
  26. A glass of coffee with orange and pink background (DUNKIN DONUTS)
  27. Blue emblem with blue circle and wavy line and sparkling symbol (PHILIPS)
  28. Red ‘P’ letter (PIRELLI)
  29. Gold circle with silver wings on both sides (CHRYSLER)
  30. Green ‘G’ letter (GREENPEACE)
  31. Green oval (LAND ROVER)
  32. World map in a blue spider web-like with wheat on both sides (UNITED NATIONS)
  33. Blue oval background with ‘fi’ letter in white (PFIZER)
  34. Green rectangle with ‘U’,’O’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ letter in white (UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON)
  35. ‘IN’ letter with blue triangle above it (GARMIN).
  36. Green emblem with yellow border and deer silhouette in yellow (JOHN DEERE)
  37. ‘C’ letter that cover all of the black background (CARHARTT)
  38. Red background with white triangle under it (MARLBORO)
  39. ‘F’ letter colored with red and blue (FILA)
  40. Yellow rectangle and ‘CHANNEL’ letter beside it (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC)
  41. Black background with golden harp in the middle and number 17 and 59 (GUINNESS)
  42. ‘W’ and ‘B’ letter (WARNER BROS)
  43. Blue star with ‘Chuck Taylor’ separated (CONVERSE)
  44. ‘D’ letter and lips (DOVE)
  45. Two red square and a rectangle (DOMINOS)
  46. Badge with red border and ‘F’ letter in the middle (FIRESTONE)
  47. Red tribal (HOT WHEELS)
  48. Cut word look with ‘I’ letter in red (CNN)
  49. Red oval border with ‘I’ letter in the middle (KIA)
  50. Shell with red and yellow as the dominant color (SHELL)
  51. ‘O’ and ‘E’ (ORACLE)
  52. Rectangle with black, yellow, red, purple and blue fill it (NASCAR)
  53. ‘N’ and ‘B’ red colored (NEW BALANCE)
  54. Blue globe with orange fox asleep on it (FIREFOX)
  55. Yellow flower silhouette with red border (CHUPA CHUPS)
  56. Blue ‘d’ and orange ‘E’ (FEDEX)
  57. Yellow and orange paper (POST IT)
  58. Symbol look like C and half oval on the other side (CHAMPION)
  59. Eye symbol with half green background (NVIDIA)
  60. Red ribbon with golden crown on it (BUDWEISER)
  61. Blue double ‘Z’ (BLIZZARD)
  62. Red ‘j’ and ‘I’ (FUJITSU)
  63. ‘q’ and ‘m’ (QUALCOMM)
  64. Silver circle with thunderbolt in the middle (OPEL)
  65. Bird nest with three birds on it (NESTLE)
  66. Blue dog footprint with ‘du’ letter (BAIDU)
  67. Roof and stairs in blue (UNESCO)
  68. Three blue mountain with ‘natural spring water’ word. (EVIAN)
  69. Three wavy strips (AMTRAK)
  70. ‘t’ letter with arrow on it (ACCENTURE)
  71. Red arrow to right (SPEEDO)
  72. Oval silver border with Neptune spear appeared half sunk (MASERATI)
  73. Red emblem with ‘d’ letter in silver (DUCATI)
  74. Triangle with white circle in the middle (AOL)
  75. Two black circle and a white circle (HBO)
  76. A Black rectangle with white letter “H” and a red line underlined (THQ).

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