Lenovo Begins Building Tablets Similar To Apple Wireless Keyboards With Help From Ashton Kutcher!


With Help From Ashton Kutcher a newly acquired product engineer, Lenovo looks like it will be building tablets that look like Apple’s wireless keyboards.  Are they asking for a keyboard lawsuit from Apple?  I don’t think so, but I also don’t think this is the best idea.  Ashton Kutcher has a great name for himself in many areas other then product engineering.  In fact I don’t think he has any experience in engineering.  But apparently his name and maybe some unseen talent is waiting to be unveiled by Lenovo.  But the one thing we can see is a definite shift from the conventional tablet and phablet form into a Apple keyboard design!  What a genius idea! or not…


As you can see in the image above and below, the new Lenovo Tablet sure looks a lot like the wireless keyboard and trackpad by Apple.  We’re not sure if Lenovo wants to copy Apple, or if they just want to create more room for the battery.  The later seems to be the reason for the product and it’s sizing.  In fact there is a good chance that Lenovo will use 3 18650 batteries which are normally used in laptops.  18650 batteries are also used in many flashlights and some other applications.  Because of their profound popularity, 18650 batteries have been engineered to hold a large MAH capacity.  Its a great idea from a battery life perspective, however from a tablet design aspect, i’m not to convinced!



The tablet design might actually work well for Lenovo, however its really ironic and funny that it’s design looks so close to the Apple keyboard.  Even down to the button for powering the device on.  It’s positioned in the same place as Apple wireless keyboards and trackpads which may cause a lawsuit with Apple.  However because both devices are completely different use in function, Lenovo should be fine for the time being.  However the design isn’t unique in any way.  It’s pretty much the same looking thing but with a glass touch screen and enhanced battery life.  The Lenovo Yoga tablet should arrive soon and we will see how well the market accepts it.  Only time will tell.

If people really want increased battery life and a not-so-unique design, the new Lenovo Yoga tablet should be the phablet for you!

apple-keyboard-lenovo-look alike


It’s obvious that the new Lenovo tablet is pretty much a copy of Apple’s unique keyboard design, however if the battery life is over 25 hours, it might change the way people look at it!

(image via ABC news)  What do you think?  Will this change the tablet industry?  

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