JustDelete.me – Completely Delete Yourself From The Internet Easier With This Web App!


JustDelete.me – Delete Yourself From The Internet – Have you ever wanted ALL your online information deleted?  Well if your ever in a position where you need to completely delete yourself, this handy site will help you get ALL your name and information DELETED faster and easier.

Delete Yourself-From-The-Internet


Some of us have tried deleting out accounts from the internet, however it is really hard!  People seem to have the WORST time deleting an account from Amazon but other companies also latch on and don’t let go of your personalized login information etc.

This handy dandy website called JustDelete.me will help you.  JustDelete.me gives you all the information you need to know and the tips for deleting your information off the web.  They don’t actually do the deleting but they will help you a lot!  

You simply just log onto the website and it has little pulldowns for each of the services you want to remove yourself from.  Then it gives you the instructions in deleting yourself from that selected service.  It also gives you a monitor on how hard the process will be.  This might actually be a wakeup call for services and companies that make it “hard” for your to delete yourself!  Its not fair for companies to do this.  you should be able to delete yourself in a few clicks and confirmations.



Facebook for example makes it fairly easy to remove yourself.  Also PayPal simply gives you the option to “delete account” in one simple click.  Most reputable companies should make it easier for you.  Maybe at some point it will be a “wished for” attribute to be listed in justdelete.me as “easy” removability.  Sites that cling onto you and wont let go are sites that you might want to think twice about when signing up in the first place!

If your removing, deleting, and cleaning yourself online, this site will be VERY helpful!

Visit Site:  JustDelete.me

We hope this helped you as you wipe yourself from the internet.  Why would you ever want to do this?  Well what iv you are being stocked by someone and they are tracking your every online move.  This might be helpful in getting yourself “GONE” from the “WWW” where anyone can see you.

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If you need to remove yourself, it will help to get all those stray accounts with your name and information OFF the “WWW.”  This will truly help you in your self-removal process from the World Wide Web!

(Source: RedmondPie.com)

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