iPhone vs. Android vs. Windows: Screen Speed Response Time [VIDEO]


Yes, its true, iPhone Screens Are Much Faster Then Android Screens as this study shows.  Minimum app response times (MART), measures the time it takes from when you press an app for the screen to when it actually actuates the application start and open.  The internet is filled with reviews and speed tests of the iPhone 5, iPhone 4, vs other androids, and windows phones.  This time we see the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 pitted against other Androids and Windows phones using (MART) via cloud streaming company Agawi.  As you can see the iPhone 5 is nearly 2X as fast as the Galaxy S4 and other Androids.  This is pretty crazy!

Below are the screen response time.  Bigger numbers indicate slower response times.  Smaller numbers are better!  Numbers are in MS, (milliseconds).


As you can see the iPhone 5 is nearly 2X as fast as its competitors.  This is something you don’t actually realize when you take a first look at the galaxy S4.  Yes the S4 is fast and has a nice look and feel to it, however the iPhone’s digitizer is able to compute your finger’s location faster and more accurately!

The moto-X is very slow as seen above with (MART) at 123 vs the iPhone 5 at only 55.  You can also see to our surprise that the iPhone 4 which is fairly old actually comes in faster then the Galaxy S4 which people say is better.  iPhone 4 at 85, and Galaxy S4 at 114.  This comes to a surprise given that the iPhone 4 is 3+ years old already!

The video below shows the way these specifications are calculated.  

As you can see in the test, iPhones truly to have a faster screen!  Its easy to look at the fancy exterior given to the galaxy S4 without actually looking at the specs.  As you see here, the iPhone 4 which is much older, still outperformed its galaxy S4 competitor, right from the past!

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 truly are benchmarked as better devices worthy of praise.  Especially when you see reports like this!  What do you think?

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