iPhone 5S Blue Screen Of Death — iOS 7 BSOD Fix


iPhone 5S users on iOS 7.0.2 are experiencing a BSOD keenly called the iPhone 5S Blue Screen Of Death!

Apple is likely to fix it, but at this point its only sad news.  We thought the BSOD screen only made friends on PC’s, but it’s now its happening to a YouTube iPhone user as seen in the video at the bottom of this page.  Sad for Apples sterling reputation.  In fact the BSOD has never been seen on an iPhone in this same way.  IOS 7 gave us a lot of nice features on the flagship iPhone 5S device.  However when new OS systems come out, problems are bound to happen!  This iOS 7 however has had its share of issues.  It had the lock screen venerability, Motion sickness, Glitches, and now the Blue Screen Of Death!


The image above is the blue screen that is seen on this iPhone 5S.  The BSOD happens after opening some iWork apps, saving iWork content to the iCloud, and managing any iWork apps.  Obviously to stop these issues you should just stop using these apps, however since the news has hit TheVerge and other main outlets, it wont be long till Apple will update their iWork apps and iOS.

This iPhone 5S Blue Screen Of Death, is not a result of hardware malfunction, but instead has to do with the software.  There is a possibility that the iPhone’s iOS is causing conflicting issues because of cross-model software issues.  We all expect that Apple will get it fixed soon!

Every time a new version of iOS comes out, there are bound to be new issues arising.  This isn’t the worst by far.  At least your iPhone’s Maps aren’t taking you off the road like they did earlier this year after Apple dumped Google maps and used their own C3 acquired technology.  Apple is notable for high quality products right out of the box.  It’s surprising that these issues keep coming up in every new iOS update.

It is impossible to work all the bugs in every update.  Apple lets the beta community test the OS, then the public and when issues arise it makes news headlines.  Apple the gets a bunch more free publicity as they dutifully fix it to the pleasure of the Apple fans around the world!

FIX:  If you don’t want the BSOD issue, for now simply disable iCloud sync for all three iWork apps.  Apple will have a update however within 2-4 weeks which will fix it in-app, or in a new iOS update.

The video below shows the iPhone 5S Blue Screen Of Death rebooting the iPhone 5S in sad display!

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