iPhone 5C Image Seen In Testing Stages [LEAK!]


iPhone 5C Image Seen In Testing Stages – As we all know the iPhone 5C is coming soon!  September is coming soon.  The question is will Apple continue to keep the legend of Steve Jobs going as a steady indicator of success?  Will The iPhone 5C be a popular model for the cupertino company?  All these questions are yet to be seen.  September we will know more on these developments.

Today a new LEAK has been seen across the internet showing the iPhone 5C model in white being tested.  A french site NoWhereElse, has leaked the following image showing the iPhone 5C  has said to be the actual iPhone 5C!  And it also looks very much like the real thing itself.


As you can see above, these iPhone 5C models are being testing and code is running across their screens.  I don’t know what they are being tested for however we shall see what the outcomes are soon as we report on the leaks and news on the iPhone 5C via our Vault Feed Facebook page and “LIKE” for more updates.

The iPhone 5C models look very similar to all the other posts that we have covered this past week.  We have covered nearly all the iPhone leaks during the past week including the following posts if you want to also follow them:


As you can see we have recently seen a Black iPhone 5C, A rear case scratch test on a blue iPhone 5C that is reported and also we have seen the main leak of the white iPhone 5C which was leaked a week or so previously.

As excitement mounts, the possibilities of the iPhone 5C design is narrowing down to the main design as seen in the links above.  The iPhone 5C will feature the plastic back similar to the iPhone 3GS that we have seen ofter 4 years ago.  The iPhone 3GS actually lasts better then any of the aluminum iPhones and that have been produced, and this can be proved by the amount of actual functioning iPhone 3GS units that are for sale and floating around.

iPhone 5C Image Seen In Testing

YES, the iPhone 3gs has hardware that makes it less desirable, but the outer durability of the iPhone actually has lasted very well!  Think about it, how many 4 year old androids do you see even in functioning condition?  This iPhone 5C design I believe will be a very durable device, and ALSO it will only cost $299 with NO contract as reported.  That will be very affordable considering the previous pricing of the iPhone 5.

After a $700 dollar iPhone this iPhone 5C will be an awaited piece of tech for the price of only $300!  Thats the success point that ill be betting on in this next new iPhone 5C launch!  What do you think?

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(source: RedmondPie)


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