iKeyFinder Review — The Tile App Alternative For Android!


iKeyFinder Review.  It’s is a new product for Android which can locate your keys similar to the Tile App for iPhone.  This Tile App Android alternative locates what it’s attached to.


Do you ever lose your keys? Let’s face it, most of us lose our keys whether we want to admit to it or not, but now there’s a new product that helps solves this problem presented on your Android device. The iKeyFinder is a simple new invention that uses a smartphone app to send an alert to your keys whenever you’ve misplaced them.  Its similar to the Tile App, but it actually works well on Android too!

We have looked into the iKeyFinder device in the last few days, and I am actually pretty impressed with its functionality and how easy it is to use. For example, it has a built-in USB charger that slides in and out so that you can easily plug it into your computer or charging brick.  The recent Tile App we reviewed only lasts a year and then its trash! According to the manual, the battery will last two weeks on one charge and has a light that will flash red when the battery’s low. So far the iKeyFinder review seems to indicate an affordable and considerable key locater for Android devices.

Another feature I like is the lost key retrieval service. Located on the back of the device is a laser imprint with the phrase “Found Keys? Call 855-453-9346”, along with a unique serial number from which I register on iKeyFinder.com. The idea is that if I lose my keys and someone else happens to find them, that they will call the number on the back and turn in my keys. The iKeyFinder website states they will actually send whomever finds the keys a pre-paid envelope to get them and then they will send them back to you at no extra cost. If iKeyFinder truly backs this up, then that’s pretty assuring if you consider the hassle that some honest people might face when giving it back.  It’s not a bad idea and seems like it might work.  It will work better then the Tile app for iPhone as it has no such feature at this point.

But what definitely impressed me most with iKeyFinder is the fact that it actually works as you would expect. Although the App’s interface could use a little touching up, the overall functionality gets two-thumbs up. You simply press “CONNECT” to search and locate your missing keys. Once you’ve located your keys you press “LOCATE KEY” to sound the alarm and make your keys start ringing. It uses Bluetooth to connect your phone and your keychain, which has a range of about 50 meters. So if you happen to live in a big house you might have to walk around a bit to find the connection.  This is similar to the Tile app alternative.

Overall I would say I’m pretty excited the iKeyFinder.  It seems like a workable product with a future in the Android market!  It’s very assuring to know that one might actually go key-loss-free for more then a year now!

The APP is free to download from the Google Play Store and is currently only compatible with Android phones. You  can purchase this product from iKeyFinder.com for around $40.  Its a great alternative if you wanted the Tile app locating device, but own an Android!  You can read here why I think Tile App isn’t that “cool.”

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