How To Free Up Space And Make Your iPhone Faster [No Jailbreak Needed!]


Phone-clean-iPhoneHow To Free Up Space And Make Your iPhone Faster – You would be surprised how much space is actually used on your iPhone that doesn’t really need to be used!  Files like cache, junk files, and other unneeded files really don’t need to be on your device.  You would be amazed at the space you can clear up.  This wont ruin anything and wont take any files away that are necessary for operating your iPhone, in fact your iPhone will run smoother, faster, and you will have more space after this tweak.  Its also awesome because you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone in any way!  Its fast and simple and a MUST if you need more space or notice your iPhone becoming even slightly slow!

This is really important with the increasing price in cloud-based storage.  You use your iPhone for images, movies, and more!  Maybe you couldn’t afford the iPhone 64GB, but you still deserve to have a working iPhone with some free space available for those necessary files!  Its simple, its easy.

It is a program that is only 3.5MB, and runs on windows XP, and also on Mac OSX (Source and download link: PhoneClean)

How To Free Up Space And Make Your iPhone Faster

Not only will this clean up your iPhone but it makes it a LOT safer.  Many times your browser will save passwords and scripts within files deeply embedded in your iPhone.  Those files are vulnerable to threats.  This software will clean it and make it more secure.

via iMobile:

“Get rid of partially downloaded or sync-failed media files

The failed or unexpectedly terminated iTunes syncs will generate temporary or corrupt media files too. They are part of the Others on your iPhone and are viewable through iTunes. For the devices still using iOS 4 or below, the situation could be more serious due to the old-school iTunes syncing method.”

You wouldn’t normally thing about the issue of files in your iPhone being vulnerable to attack, but its true, and this software is important to get rid of those not-so-needed things.  You also free up a lot of space on your iPhone by doing so.  This app also works on the iPad, and can help you free up space used for no reason on all your IOS devices running at least IOS 4 and above!  Just install the program and let it walk you through the process in cleaning and making your iPhone like new on the inside file structure again!

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Get the download and make your iPhone more secure, faster, and more reliable!  Theres no need for those unwanted files sitting on your iPhone which are doing nothing.  PhoneClean will help you get-rid, and get-out those files and speed up any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.  You can download the program on your computer which will guide you through the process of cleaning and making your iPhone a faster device to use!

(Source and download link: Download)


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