First Hands On Review Of IOS 7!


Apple has taken the best features from Android and Windows phone OS and developed a completely unique platform with its latest iOS 7 release. Everything has been made better, from the lock screen to a few new extra features.


The iOS 7 delivers a whole new interactive visual experience. The home screen is equipped with motion sensors. Tilt the phone slightly and the display screen will follow, giving its users a 3D-like multi-layered experience.

The color theme is much lighter too, the icons now are flat, courtesy of Jony Ive’s redesign transition speed is faster and most animations are noticeably different.

New Control Center


Swiping up from the bottom will bring up the Control Center, which is probably the most important improvement in this release. With a simple swipe from the Control Center screen, it can activate or switch off a number of services like Wi-Fi, Airplane mode and Bluetooth.

It can also adjust screen brightness or the sound level, instantly hook up with other iOS systems via AirPlay , or turn on a flashlight , calculator , camera and timer . It’s something that is very basic yet extraordinarily helpful. This means users can now rely less on the home button and can quickly and conveniently flip off certain features that can otherwise drain the battery.

Additionally, the AirDrop function now supports simultaneous iOS connections via a secure peer-to-peer wireless connection.

The Notification Area also received a huge redesign. This feature is particularly helpful for those with very busy schedule or people who are simply forgetful because unlike the iOS 6, the reminders in iOS 7 have been made available on the locked screens.

The new Weather app is probably the coolest thing weíve seen so far on any smartphones. Lightning appears from gloomy skies if its rain, small flurries dropping down on snow, and so on.

Multitasking has been made less complicated in iOS 7 and changing over between apps is certainly more fun than iOS 6. Tapping the home button twice will show a card like navigation display of all open apps and closing an app can be done with just a simple upward flick of the ìcardî.

Much Improved Camera App


IOS 7ís camera app may also be controlled with simple gestures. Swipe once to one direction get to panorama or swipe in another direction to switch to video. Organizing photo galleries are less complicated as well with the Moment filtering feature that collects pictures together by date or location.

Siri has improved too. She can now respond to more questions; she now works with Twitter, Wikipedia, Bing and answers fairly quickly provided thereís a decent network connection.

iOS 7 is a huge improvement and is the first operating system of it’s kind designed exclusively to work with a 64 bit operating system, this make its faster, more capable and generally an all round slicker experience.

We can only see this one getting better and it’s up to Android to ensure that their next release is suited to 64 bit too if they want to compete, especially as Samsung announced this week that their next generation of smartphones will be carrying 64 bit processors. Yet in it’s current form Android won’t be able to offer 64 bit support.

Has Apple moved ahead of the game with iOS 7 or do you think it is just a minor upgrade? Let us know.


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