Gender Based iPhone Color Preferences Revealed By New Research!


An online pole conducted by CIRP research has published gender specific data on iPhone color purchasing habits between the iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C.  We haven’t yet seen specific data released from Apple on unites sold of each, however this data does give us an idea of which color is preferred by which gender.  The recent iPhone color preferences indicate an interesting correlation between the gender and the 3 different color options offered by Apple.


The iPhone 5S and 5C has been in consumers hands since September 20, but It was first launched on the 13th of September.  Since then, Apple has sold an exponential 9-million iPhones within the first week.  This is just a beginning for Apple’s iPhone sales and it continues to grow.

The Apple iPhone 5C has seen less success and sales indicated by Apple’s recent decrease in 5C production.  The iPhone 5S however is true to nature and has sold the best as Apple’s flagship device.  The Apple iPhone accounts for the greatest portion of Apple sales and revenue.

Below are the gender based iPhone color preferences revealed by new research!


As you can see, the iPhone 5S is most popularly purchased in the space grey color variation, and then most popular in gold.  It seems that the gold iPhone was not purchased as much.  This could be due to the fact that the Gold iPhone 5S was sold out, so people simply opted for the silver or the space grey variation.  You can also see that the yellow iPhone 5C is the least popular color.  The blue however seems to be the most popular iPhone 5C model.


Male gender iPhone buyers chose the color white over the other color options.  This seems understandable considering there are no other neutral colors available for the 5C.  You can also see that the pink colored iPhone was purchased more by the women gender.  This makes perfect sense considering the color pink often being associated with women as the preferred color.  This color gender research on the iPhone indicates that this association is evident through iPhone purchases.


The space grey iPhone 5S did in fact win the “most popular color” award in this research.  Male purchasers of the iPhone 5S did choose the space grey option over the other colors.  They also seemed to choose the gold and silver 5S colors equally as likely.  Female gender iPhone buyers chose the space grey version also!  They then chose silver as their secondary color preference, and least chose the gold color.  Many buyers wanted the gold color, however they were sold out of stores the minute they were launched!  I believe that gold color shortage caused loyal iPhone fans to simply purchase the next best option that was available.  This could be the reason for the results given in the graphic above.

In fact the gold colored iPhone 5S actually sold on eBay for over $10,000 in one instance.  The iPhone 5S in gold does however sell for the highest price on auction sites around the internet.  The average price as of today for the 16GB gold iPhone 5S off-contract seems to get around $750-$900 US.

Which is your favorite color?


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