FAA Deregulates Cell Phone Use By Passengers During Airline flights!


Our technology news for today indicates a breakthrough in deregulation via the FAA regarding smartphone and cell phone use in airplanes.  For many years you were unable to use cell phones in airplanes.  The FAA thought that the cell phone signals would mess with the airplanes communications systems, however this is a comp;pete myth that is based on no actual proof.  In fact using cell phones with a cell phone signal has never caused an accident in the history of airplane and FAA communication history.  The fact that they regulated it in the first place shows how shallow some regulations can be!


The FAA has many solid regulations to keep pilots and passengers safe, however the restriction on cell phone use in airline’s flights wasn’t based on any actual risk or evidence.  As of today, this regulation has been removed now allowing consumers to use their smartphones or iPhones.  You will now be able to enjoy Pandora radio, Candy Crush Saga, or other games and apps that require internet.  Recent airlines have offered in-air wi-fi use and this might take a hit to their internet revenue channel, however we are all happy to see that this needless regulation is gone!

The FAA has reported that this regulation is removed however it will take up to 2 months to complete the deregulation on all the airlines.  They will have to re-recored their pre-flight videos, but passengers will enjoy having the ability to use internet, check emails, and play internet necessary games!

Smartphone and cell phone users will have the delight in using their internet and other apps during take-off and landing, but some airlines won’t have service in the air.  Some airlines including Sprint and many others won’t have the convince of in-air service.  Their towers don’t extend above the clouds.

However with this new deregulation in airline smartphone use may cause airlines to increase their cell phone tower reach!  This might get interesting.


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