Dear Google: This Is How You Should Calculate And Update PR [Page Rank]


If you own a blog, business, or any website for that matter, you may have encountered the word “PageRank PR” or “Google Toolbar PageRank.”  These are just some of the measurements that site owners have used to evaluate a website’s authority throughout the past years.  However the “PR” or “Page Rank” is slightly over rated I believe.  Google knows this and is currently working on updating the whole entire infrastructure that rates websites.  I am not enlightened on how exactly PR and Page Rank through Google will change, however I have my own ideas which I believe Google should take note on!



If you are just starting a website or a blog, you will quickly learn how effective and necessary back links are.  Some people sell and buy back links which is obviously giving sites competitive advantages.  But this I believe is not fair.  Google PR is exchanged as a “value” system.  Websites that have a higher Google PR or Page Rank will be able to sell links from their site to yours.  This isn’t how I believe the web-rating system should be run.  I believe that Google would congruently agree with me when I say that quality, sustained content building, and natural back links are a key determiner in a websites authority.

Explaining The Problem:

The problem presented with PR and Page Rank is a dilemma that Google battles with each day.  This dilemma involves sites that have high page rank but honestly don’t deserve it.  Google’s last update dubbed “Panda” did a great job at getting rid of authority that was not properly distributed among certain websites.  Many of my sites were effected and I have learned a lot!  One thing you should always keep in mind is never trust just a “SEO Ninja.”  They could easily damage your websites to a sever dimension.  Since graduation of the “school of hard knocks” in SEO, i’ve learned a lot.  First of all, never buy links.  This isn’t natural and makes for a messy looking internet!  Google wants a clean index of websites and because of this,  they give authority to websites.  Some high PR sites decide to sell links because they have a high PR rating.  This gives a site credibility, but this credibility is paid for.  This credibility isn’t an honest reflection of the site’s true authority!

Buying links is like paying for reviews on your business, obviously those paid-reviews are not real and thus do not truly reflect the real feedback that that business should have.  So how can a search engine giant like Google really make an algorithm that takes into consideration “real” feedback, not “paid” feedback?  I am not an all-knowing Google guru but I believe that there is an answer to this problem.


The Way I Believe It Should Work:

Google should still have PR and Page Rank, however they need to update it differently.  The deciding factors on a sites authority or PR need to change.  These changes would eliminate the unnatural link-spam that seems to highly populate the internet each day.

These changes would greatly help Googles anti-spam and positive PR calculation efforts:

  • Page Time – Give each back link a rating based on the time spent on that certain page.  This would eliminate people faking massive amounts of ping traffic.  Each unique IP would be tracked for the time that was spent on that page.  If the page linking out had a natural time spent on it, any links from that page would be given a higher PR and thus would count towards the sites PR if you had that link.  Essentially it would be giving link juice where it was truly deserving.  But this obviously isn’t the only deciding factor that Google should use when determining a sites authority and PR.
  • Link-Out Time – Google should link-juice of each link based on the time an outgoing visitor spends on the article that they link to.  For example, I recently got a link from TheNextWeb.  Many people spent time on their article reading it, hence that article would be given a higher PR potential.  However to actually pass “juice” onto a back link, people would have to follow that outgoing link and spend time on that link also.  This would help content creators and bloggers build content that people linking too really appreciate.  If I get a link from TheNextWeb, and people spend a considerable amount of time after visiting that link and the article on TheNextWeb site had considerable traffic, social signals, and traffic time then link juice and PR would be passed on to that site.  If Google did this, it would make it incredibly difficult for people to fake their PR,  spam their PR, etc.
  • Alexa Rating – Google should really think about implementing value on traffic.  If a site gets a lot of traffic that has a solid duration time, then a level of authority would be passed!
  • Page Relevancy – Google already does this, however they need to update the methods used by the system.  Google needs to add script that can decide a page’s relevancy by it’s content not only by the site linking, but the actual words inside the article that links out.  Google does this normally, but they need to make a few improvements that could enhance the search experience and provide PR that is honest to that sites actual authority.  This is really what Google wants.
  • Root Domain Authority – After Google updates its PR to actually reflect a real websites influence then it needs to use this PR as a decider of a links authority.  But obviously the sites that have huge PR but low traffic would be manually updated via Google.  Google would basically have a fee minions go over the site to see if its selling links, or unnaturally building content.  Then a Google team member would take manual action on those sites that may have question.  After these slight changes described, PR could still be used as an authority deciding factor in the future.


Google needs to asses a websites PR, Page Rank, and authority on a level of dimensions that must be met.  Back links should only count if they have good traffic time, link-out time, Alexa rank, page relevancy, and root domain authority.  I believe that this would remove the issues that plague Google as it makes its best attempt to ensure proper Page Rank authority allocation.

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