The Coolest Gadgets of November Week #2


Gadgets are something you simple can’t get enough. And when you have a portal which stacks new awesome gadgets everyday for you, you know you have landed in the right place. Welcome back to The Gadget Flow‘s top 5 weekly once again. Like every week this week we have five new coolest gadgets that will make you go weak down your knees. Gadgets are an addiction, and we know exactly how much it takes to stay away from them for more than an hour also! So, without much delay lets take a tour of this week’s top 5 gadgets from The Gadget Flow.

Wool Flat Pack from Hard Graft


Slinging the bag cross body has always been a fashion statement. What happens when you get a stylish bag to sling? It definitely heightens your fashion statement. Get your hands on Wool Flat Pack from Hard Graft at just $405 and step-out in the sun to become the next trend-setter. This bag is made of fine layer of wool on the outside and high-quality Italian leather inside. Its a perfect carrier for your iPad or MacBook. Just sling it cross body with the strap running over one shoulder to waist on the other side, crossing the chest. The zipper opening is placed on the inside of the flat pack so that you can walk around cancelling all chances of things falling out accidentally from the bag!

iFruit Conversion Skin For iPhone


A new wafer-thin vinyl decals for your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5 got inspired by the in-game phones used in GTA V, and its called iFruit effect skin. It comes for just $16 and can be directly placed over your iPhone. The skin has precisely designed cutouts so that you can have access to all the ports and features on the iPhone.

Happy Plugs Gold Earbuds


Gold is not only about gold jewelry. There’s more fashion to it. Happy Plugs brings you 18-carat gold earphones at a price of $15000. Its not any other earphone, and its certainly not jewelry. Its an exquisite pair of earphones crafted by a goldsmith at Stockholm. Each pair of earbuds is made of 25 grams of gold. The value can be calculated from this. However, its unfair to judge value only, ’cause tomorrow its gonna be worth more as a collector’s item.

Kúla Deeper


You are keen of photography and 3D pictures and videos amaze you. Yes, we know that. So, here’s what we have found for you- Kúla Deeper. It makes 3D pictures and movies possible with a normal SLR camera. You just put it in front of your camera lens to take stereoscopic pictures and videos, and experience it in 3D directly on the camera display using a stereo viewer! So the 3D power is now in your hands at a cost of $105 only.

Dredator 3 Motorcycle Helmet


Biking has been the best way to woo girls! All boys will agree. If not to woo a girl, its always such a macho thing! Here’s something for all the bikers out there- Dredator 3 Motorcycle Helmet, the upgraded version of highly popular “predator 2″ helmet from NLO Moto. This helmet is the ultimate for all bikers, with the look of the predator’s face, complete with dreadlocks and battery-powered LEDs emitting laser-like red beams. The helmet comes with the batteries. Highly functional, it has an increased visibility index. It has a face shield that can be opened with one hand very easily.


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