The Coolest Gadgets of November Week #1


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The initial idea came to us in August 2012. We were struggling to find some cool gift ideas and realized that we weren’t the only ones. Within 2 days we managed to launch the first version of gadget flow and more than 5,000 people visited our website within 24 hours; clearly it was a sign that people loved the concept.

We are obsessed with great design & quality content and that’s one of the reasons gadget flow became successful in the first place. Each gadget we publish goes through quality control and has to be approved by at least 4/5 people in order to get showcased. By following this strategy we’ve managed to have a collection of more than 2,500 handpicked gadgets.

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Love can be crazy, and when it is for Gadgets, it couldn’t be more crazier! ‘The Gadget Flow’ understands your immense attraction for gadgets and that is why has come up as an online platform to keep you updated about every new gadget in the market. From high-end expensive gadgets to not-so-high but cool and affordable ones, The Gadget Flow has become the “Gadget Hub” of the web today. Not just with cost, there also lies a perfect harmony between the usefulness of the gadget and the emphasis on it ‘s design.

Violight Hi-Ya Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer


Here’s a good question – Your toothbrush cleans your teeth, but who cleans your toothbrush? Fear not, because your friendly neighborhood germicidal assassin is here. Actually, it looks more like a black ninja turtle holed up inside its shell. More info

Slice of Time Wall Clock


Sure, a grandfather clock looks great in a huge mansion with hardwood floors and all kinds of priceless antiques. But if you’re living in an apartment or condo in the city, then it’s not exactly a space-saver, is it? What you need is a grandfather clock that’s been stripped down to the essentials. In other words, you need the Slice of Time Wall Clock. More info

Woody Cruiser From Connor Wood Bicycles

It’s hard to look upon a bicycle as a work of art that could become a family heirloom, but this one comes pretty darn close. The WoodyCruiser is a handmade piece that is elegantly designed to combine form with function. There are literally no bells, and certainly no whistles either. More info

Heritage Draw Card Case From Hard Graft

Did you know there’s something called “Fat Wallet Syndrome?” It’s true – it’s a form of sciatica and the medical term for it is Piriformis. It happens when you sit for extended periods with a fat wallet in your back pocket pressing up against your butt. More info

Rewritable Coaster Pads

Coasters are useful, but where’s the fun in it? And we all know how bad it looks when there are yellow post-its and papers stuck on the fridge or mirror, or cluttering up your desk. More info

Squirrel Tissue Log

As everyone who has grown up watching Disney cartoons knows, it’s stupid to cut trees or branches when there’s a fierce squirrel guarding his home. Donald Duck regularly gets his clock cleaned by squirrels and chipmunks, but the only thing you will get is tissue. More info

KeyZ – Bulky Keys Made Easy

It’s time to put an end to the noisy, sharp and bulky keyring. KeyZ is the world’s first simple, intuitive way to carry keys, with a multitool. KeyZ is an all-American made product that lies flat in your pocket using minimal space. More info

Wireless Bamboo Keyboard


Don’t let your kung-fu panda near this West Elm keyboard, because it makes for a nice bamboo meal. Po could eat the function keys for breakfast, move on to the alphabets for lunch, and be munching on the numbers, space bar and enter key for dinner. More info

Ice Cream Cone Lamps

If you want to give your kids a gift they will treasure forever, then you need a giant ice cream cone. To be specific, you need the humungous Ice Cream Cone Lamp which is more than two feet tall. It comes in strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavors. More info

Aerobie Coffee and Espresso Maker From AeroPress


The thing about good coffee is that once you get hooked on a specific blend and method, it’s hard to swallow anything else and get the same satisfaction. If you’re looking for that elusive morning jolt of energy and freshness that keeps you going all day long, what you need is the Aerobie 80R08 Coffee and Espresso Maker from AeroPress. More info

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