Big Data, Big Salaries…But No One To Hire?


Big data. It’s a buzzword in 2016. The truth is we collect sooooo much data, that not even Silicon Valley knows what to do with it. That’s why there are multi-million dollar companies, that you have never even heard of, whose sole task is to aggregate and organize data.

And data comes in big and fast. Let’s take a quick pause to educate you on the three data V’s.

  • Volume – The amount of data a company is taking in. There is always more. Always. (Oye! remember it’s unstructured data)
  • Velocity – How fast it’s coming in. The bigger the company, they faster they want it. I mean it’s literally becoming real-time now days.
  • Variety – Where is it coming from? Social media? Data aggregate companies? Web scrapers? It’s crucial to know what kind of data you have.

The problem is that now they have to create infrastructure and hire qualified staff to handle all this data, that is time sensitive mind you. As you can imagine everyone else is trying to hire that talent as well, resulting in a huge job demand.

Why would we do this to ourselves?! For the most part, companies love collecting as much data as they can in order to make smarter business decisions. There is a data fever in the world right now, and many companies are in the mindset that if they don’t get as much data as the other guy, then they will be left behind.

Here’s a scary statistic I stole from Forbes: Experts are predicting a 4,300 percent increase in annual data production by 2020.


There is tons of cash floating around in this industry and about to be a lot of room. Only the best will rise to the top. So our friends at Advisicon (a BI portfolio management company) created a short infographic to show you the top 5 jobs positions that will be most wanted in the coming years.

If you are ever planning to break into this market, you have to know it like the back your hand. You have to live and breathe big data. You must know ALL the terminology to make sure you have an edge in the game. Make sure you choose your school or program wisely.

Buckle up and enjoy!



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