Angry Birds Download For PC / Mac!


Angry Birds Download For PC / Mac – Angry birds is a game that many people have been playing for years and years.  It is also located in the Android App store.  Recently we showed people how to run Android Apps on a PC, and now were going to show you how to download and run Angry Birds Android App right on your PC or MAC!


With these instructions you will be playing ANY app including the Android Angry Birds App right on your PC or MAC!

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Its simple, you use a program called BlueStacks.  Then  when that is installed, you simply open the program on your PC or MAC and download the APP from the android App store.  The instructions listed  bellow will show you how to get Angry Birds running on your computer.  If you have any questions ask us on our Facebook page:  VaultFeed Facebook.


Step 1 Angry Birds Download

  • First you have to download BlueStacks Here: BlueStacks

Step 2 Angry Birds Download

  • Select your correct model on the BlueStacks website.  If its PC click that, if its MAC click that
  • Then install the program and let it do the configuring for you, it is pretty simple!
  • It will guide you through the installation process until it is complete!  Then you need to restart and open BlueStacks as said bellow.

Step 3 Angry Birds Download

  • After your finished getting the BlueStacks downloaded and installed you must restart your computer.
  • After your computer is restarted, you need to download the WhatsApp application.
  • Download Here:  Angry Birds Download.
  • Now all you have to do is open BlueStacks and OPEN the Angry Birds app that you just downloaded.


Step 4 Angry Birds Download

  • Open the App in the BlueStacks app player and continue to use the Angry Birds game app whenever you want on your PC or mac!
  • You can use these steps to install almost ANY android app onto your PC / MAC!
  • Please share this if it was helpful :) .

You are finished!  Enjoy playing the Angry Birds app for your PC and MAC! 

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