Actual iPhone 5S Camera Test Picture Samples!


The 5S is here and along with it come better performance.  The best upgrade in performance is the camera which will feature a larger aperture of F2.2.  Not only that but the picture taking ability is enhanced by a better flash and other features which make this iPhone 5S a device that you won’t want to miss!


As you can see, the iSight camera placed in this next and newest iPhone 5S will feature some great new specifications.  These specs lead to some great looking pictures as you will soon see below.  The 8 Megapixel camera isn’t just any 8 megapixel camera, rather it is packed with a great lens which truly makes the iPhone 5S # 1 vs most other phones for its camera!  As you have seen, Nokia Lumia has a 41 mega pixel phone, but this iPhone isn’t about the numbers, its about the actual quality which it produces.  You will soon see what I mean below!

iPhone’s are notorious for their great quality pictures, but how does Apple do it?  It is to only megapixel.  You can find a phone with 12 megapixels but it won’t take nice pictures.  So what is it that makes the pictures look so good in iPhones?  Well it is the aperture and focusing abilities that are built into the software.  With this new and improved iPhone 5S, you will get a F/2.2, which is better then any iPhone to date.  You can see below how this affects the ability of the iPhone’s camera to capture light.  This improvement in f-stop also has given the new iPhone 5S a better ability to shoot in dark or low-light conditions.

ALL the pictures below were shot on a iPhone 5S with NO editing at ALL!  

Actual iPhone 5S Camera Test Samples photo_6

As you can see above, the snap shot burst shots take great speed shots.  This was one lacking aspect in the previous iPhones, but now you will get a faster shooting ability with the new iPhone 5S’s “burst-shot” mode!

Actual iPhone 5S Camera Test Samples photo_5

Great F/2.2 allows for the beautiful color saturation in the pictures seen here.

Actual iPhone 5S Camera Test Samples Actual iPhone 5S Camera Test Samples 2

As seen here, the low light shots will be stunning compared with the iPhone 5 before.

Actual iPhone 5S Camera Test Samples 3 Actual iPhone 5S Camera Test Samples 4

As you can see, the iPhone 5S will follow the tradition of excellent iPhone shots.  Not only will you be amazed with the quality, but the color will be even better compared with the previous iPhones.  Gone are the times when you need to carry a huge DSLR camera around, the smartphone world presents you the iPhone 5S!

If you want to share your photos with us, we will announce the iPhone picture contest every week.  Submit here:  iPhone picture contest.

(source: Apple)

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