Academic Path — Give Students A Graphical Degree GPS Mapping System!


What is Academic Path?

Academic Path is a degree “mapping” software that enables students and advisers to see their degree and classes all on one page. It is the first graphical and visual way of seeing all your classes on one page like a map.Academic Path software easily implements with your existing online system. It takes all classes and imports them into a database. It then allows the academic adviser to “build” each degree within their certain division. When the degree is “built” it can then be viewed and used by all the students in that division under that academic adviser or group of advisers. Advisers can edit each degree anytime and all the students will see the reflected change in their Academic Path page instantly in real-time as it syncs. With Academic Path, you eliminate the need of printing and re-printing the academic degree syllabus. All you have to do is edit it on the cloud and it syncs to all users!

Academic Path is also intuitive. There is also a page entitled “Similar Degrees.” On this page, each student will be able to view all degrees that correspond to previously taken credits. It will put the degrees first on this list that correspond with the most amount of previously acquired counting credits. You can also detect any easily acquired dual majors when you get close to the end of your degree completion.

Some graduates find out that they could have applied to other majors if they had only took an extra class or two. The Similar Degrees page actually calculates every degree along with previously acquired courses. Your counselor obviously doesn’t have time for this, but its all built into the Academic Path cloud based software!

These are just a few features and more are being added involving Facebook integration and an app built for iPhones, iPads and Android! Students will then be able to see their Academic Path on their mobile devices. The main feature is the degree GPS in Academic Path. Any student will be able to see a map of their entire degree on one page. just as if you were using your GPS, or mobile phone’s GPS function.
With Academic Path, there’s no needing to back to the counselor every time you need to see your current status. Students will have confidence at any moment by knowing where they are in the timeline of classes necessary to apply for their degree in the future.

If you think something like this would be of interest, we would love to speak more! You can also forward this to the appropriate department within your university.

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