2 Young Entrepreneurs Build Software For A Better Academic Path And Future!


Academic-degree-mappingAcademic software and technology is honestly outdated and many of us would agree!  The tech world has advanced by leaps and bounds along with cloud-computing and the such, however the academic world hasn’t really seen huge improvements from this.  Academies, universities, and colleges alike can take hints from the tech world.  Many institutions are currently implementing technology along with cloud computing, however all the problems haven’t been answered!  There are many problems in the academic system that cause students painful experiences.  These experiences honestly don’t need to happen.  Josh and Rocky co-owners of Academic Path™ have set to change things!

2 entrepreneurs have set out to accomplish the duty of making student’s painful experiences less painful.  Josh B, and Rocky sims are currently working on a project called Academic Path™  This project aims at solving many issues that plague institutions every day.  The Academic Path™ team has identified a huge sore spot in the way students signup and manage their degree path.  “Students actually have more confusion then they honestly should during the course sign-up phase of their academics” said Dan, a previous academic consular for Military Science at Montana State.

This confusion often noted during many students academic path is a problem that many schools have tried to fix by implementing software like “Degree Works” and other cloud based programs.  “Many academic software providers have attempted to fix this, however the software they provide is inferior and defect of many core features that make our Academic Path software far superior” said co-founder Josh, in a recent interview.  Both Josh, and Rocky have started Academic Path™ to seriously re-contemplate the way you sign-up for your degree!  “The finish product will be better then any software to date that can helps students and counselors” noted Josh, earlier today.


This software will provide an essential upgrade to the worldwide academic system enabling students to visualize their degree in new ways.  Many students have confusion when it comes to that time of the month when early-regrestration hits!  “Sometimes I don’t know where I really stand in my series of necessary classes because I feel its always changing.  I’m always heading to the quickest academic advisor for status updates on my currant degree position” said Andrew Ezpeleta, a Walla Walla university student.  However Rocky and Josh are determined to work as hard as it takes to make sure students around the world don’t have this problem anymore.

Josh and Rocky co-founder’s of the Academic Path™ project have spent countless hours exploring the possibilities and have come up with an excellent alternative to the traditional degree and course syllabus.  An estimated 85% of all the currant academic institutions still provide students a paper-back degree syllabus.  “A paper back syllabus!  This is way old fashioned” says Josh of Academic Path™.


The primary goal of Academic Path™ is to visualize and efficiently put all of the academic counseling activities in one place.  It will be easily accessible at any time.  Instead of students calling in for an academic advising appointment, students will now be able log in and view their academic path all in one place!  “Students will login and see a visual map, a  representation of all necessary classes all in one place!”  The “academic map” idea that Josh and Rocky are currently working on will seriously change the way students manage their academic degrees.

“Why do we still need paper maps?  Today most of all the paper road maps have been replaced with a digital representation, the GPS.  Academic Path™ is aiming to provide this same upgrade to the current course and degree “maps” that students are being given every day.  If a certain institution doesn’t feel the need for this upgrade, we can provide a completely improved paper-back edition to your degree syllabus along with a corresponding cloud based academic counseling software.”  Josh and Rocky seem to be on to something awesome!  Who knows where it will really go from here?

Rocky and Josh have most of the software ready to deploy, however many other features will come soon!  Some of the future updates to the Academic Path™ software will include, “SimilarDegrees™” integrated class browsing, Social Facebook linking for classes, and the biggest thing, the “CourseGPS™.

“Nothing says it better then Academic Path and thats why we have chose the name “Academic Path™” along with AcademicPath.com” says Rocky of the Academic Path project.

Via AcademicPath.com‘s website:

For Students

  • Give students a way to see their degree and progress much like a GPS can give your location and direct your car to the destination you want to go!
  • Allow students to view the classes available.
  • Allow students to easily signup for classes.
  • Allow students to view automatically retrieved data on each class and professor via: RateMyProfessor.org
  • Integrate with Facebook.com and login and network on the site with classmates.  See what Facebook friends are taking what classes.
  • Give students the ability to dual major and triple major easier by automatically calculating the degrees and previously acquired credits with our algorithm and displaying them in a easy to read and understand format.
  • Help students feel more secure in their degree and academic path by giving a visual representation of their location on the academic map located on AcademicPath.com
  • Much more.  Please contact us for more information.

For Advisors 

  • Streamline the advising process by giving students an online location for viewing and editing degrees
  • Streamline each degree syllabus into one online location
  • Create and edit classes
  • Create and edit degree requirements prerequisites
  • Give students the ability to visualize their degree and progress better
  • Spend less time telling students the same thing every time they come in for advise
  • Supplement your academic advising with a standardized and streamline hub for signing up for classes
  • Be able to edit and approve transfer student’s classes into the existing system with ease.
  • Give advisers a visual tool to use when communicating with students about achieving a certain degree.
  • Help students change their degree easily by automating the useable classes/credits previously acquired.
  • Cut down on the amount of time in explaining and re-explaining degrees and classes to students
  • Much more.  Please contact us for more information.

This cloud-based degree management software for colleges and universities could greatly help students.  Academic Path™ is something I’ve always looked for but never seen yet!  This could truly help students and academic advisers alike by giving them a GPS and the best route to their destination; their finished degree!

Follow the Academic Path™ team as they continue their venture!

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