15 Crazy, Cool, And Fancy iPhone Cases For Under $200!


Fifteen Crazy And Cool iPhone Cases! – We’ve seen some crazy things like those iPhone charge cord accessories we covered a few days ago, however this is totally different!  Here are 10 crazy iPhone cases that you wouldn’t believe ever existed.  You can get them on eBay, or other locations that sell cases, however you wouldn’t believe some of the case designs!

1. Want to play some games while on the go?  Lets hope your not driving while you play, but this game could potentially alleviate that stop-and-go traffic boredom you face every morning on your way to work!


2. The first one that is seen bellow is a leather iPhone 5 case that covers the top and the very bottom of the iPhone and protects it.  It also has a gap that gives you a nice screen area.  Its one of the best!  However its not the craziest case you can buy, as demonstrated bellow.

iPhone 5 case

3. This case seen bellow is a all metal case that seems to only protect the sides.  It technically could be considered a metal iPhone bumper case.  It is however fairly expensive priced at $50.00.  The metal however is an interesting touch as far as cases go.  If you can afford it, go ahead and be cool!



Ten Crazy And Cool iPhone Cases!

4. The case bellow is an interesting case that is basically a studded gold case.  It protects your iPhone and looks a little weird and crazy.  However if your down for a crazy case this one will do it for you!

Ten Crazy And Cool iPhone Cases!-2

5. Do you like Panda’s?  Well this case is for you.  It features a hairy “look” back that feels as much like it looks.  You can also see the soft fabric that it seems to be made out of.  Its a nice case for the average Panda lover!


6. This all wood case seen bellow is another fairly expensive case.  The case can vary from $40-$150 depending on where you buy it.  It is nice however and touches on a bit of eco.  The edge on it seems to be of a copper substance or possibly gold plated.  You can search around and see the different wood cases avaiable.  There are some that are more expensive and some less expensive.  if your into the “tree” look, this case will have you covered!


7. This case is a spider of all things!  Its honestly not my first choice, but if you have a fetish for such creatures, this case might suit you fancy!


8. Do you like photography?  This takes the traditional iPhone and turns it into a camera-looking case which may actually fool others when your taking pictures.  This camera case also looks “vintage” and somewhat “modern” all at the same time.  The leather is durable, and it feels nice in the hand.


9. To the left you see another metal case and then in the focal point an interesting case that folds open into a game player / speakers.  Not something you see or buy everyday, but a cool idea nonetheless!


10. Give your iPhone some clothes with this interesting “jean material” iPhone case.  It also isn’t something that you would buy every day, but its interesting!


11. This removable jewel case gives you the opportunity to take up some time and customize it to your liking with pre-provided jewels.


12. If your into legos, this lego case is a perfect!  You can even play legos on the back side.

lego iPhone case

13. This one is a little crazy, but its the addition to the previous case.  Its just another way that you can get crazy with your iPhone case obsession!

lego-monster -case

14. And here is another interesting way to mod out your lego case.  Are you a pilot that likes to look retarded?  This is the perfect case for you!  (besides the fact that it is cool in its “own” way.)


15. This iPad, and iPhone case will give you the appearance of good.  But are you really good enough to rock this bible iPad case?  Thats between you and God.  I cant decide.


As you can see there are nearly as many ways to express your way personality as there are cloths to wear!  These are just a few crazy iPhone cases that most likely wont be seen everywhere.

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