10 iPhone Battery Saving Tips On iOS 7

iPhone Battery Saving Tips – Many of us own iPhones, however the battery life can be dismal and quite annoying at times!  We have put together 10 iPhone battery saving tips for iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 4S running iOS 7.  Many of these tips can save you up to 70% of your battery throughout the day if you use them properly.  Go the bottom for the video.


These tips include more then just the normal brightness adjustment that we already know about.  In fact many of these tips you may have never heard about!  iOS 7 comes with new colors, new transitions, and a whole new set of features.  These new features are helpful in some ways, however the extra battery drain caused by some of the features and transitions can hamper use, especially when your battery goes dead!  These iPhone Battery Saving Tips will teach you how to use your iPhone with battery-use in mind!  Apple put a larger battery in the iPhone 5S, however with the new additions in iOS 7 you will need these tips to get better battery life our of that better battery.  (Also read: iPhone 5S vs 5 vs 5C battery comparison) — Continue for 10 iPhone Battery Saving Tips!

If you have any other tips that you know about, please leave them in the comments section at the bottom of the page.  

battery-tip-4-iPhoneTip # 1:  Manage your cellular data and 3G switch properly.  It’s amazing how many people overlook the battery usage and drain caused by 3G and cellular data.  In fact properly managing your cellular data and 3G switch could save you up to 40% alone in battery drain.  If you are on wi-fi, its a good idea to turn your cellular data OFF.  You can also turn cellular data OFF if you are not using it.  Your other data may not push to you, but its still a phone and you will come to the end of the day with 50% battery left instead of 5%.

battery-tip-5-iPhone-5Tip # 2:  Turn off your background app refresh.  This is another simple, yet important tip on saving your battery for those times when you really need it!  All you have to do is go into settings then > General then > Background App Refresh.  When you are there, simply turn the knob to the OFF position.  This will significantly save you your battery life because your apps won’t consistently be updating themselves in the background.  Just by changing this setting to OFF can significantly save your battery.  It could even save it up to 15% in the long run!

battery-tip-6-iphone-4sTip # 3: Turn off FETCH on mail to save in the long run on battery life!  A commonly overlooked setting that can drain your battery fast is the MAIL app fetch.  When this setting for PUSH is set to ON, your iPhone will constantly begetting your mail.  This requires your iPhone to log in and out of your mail server to fetch the mail.  This obviously drains the battery fast!  You can however save by going into mail settings and turn the PUSH to off.  You can still get your mail just fine by going into the app and pulling down to have it update and fetch manually.  This can save you up to 25% depending on the number of email addresses logged into your iPhone.   This is just one way you can save on your battery percentages!  You can always switch it back later, but this alone could save you a lot of battery.

iPhone-battery-tip-1Tip # 4:  Turn off your location services to save battery.  Many people don’t know that their iPhones are constantly searching for a location at all times when this switch is turned on.  Every time you take a picture foe example, it has to check the location where you are at, then it stamps that location on your image!  This can be a cool feature, however it can posts privacy issues because anyone can see where you are at if they copy your image off your Facebook page.  The location data is embedded into every picture unless you turn it off!  If you want a higher level of privacy, we urge that you consider: Turning off your location tracking camera features.  If you follow that link you will be given all the instructions on how to make sure that your images are not giving away your location.  Apple doesn’t past this privacy warning anywhere other then in the fine print.  Its a good idea to check this out and share it with your friends that may become vulnerable because they are using their camera with location photo tracking set to ON.  But it also will save your batter and is recommended to anyone wanting to save those precious percentages!

iPhone-battery-tip-2Tip # 5:  Did you know that you can turn off Siri?  Don’t worry, Siri wont be offended if you turn her off!  It actually can save more battery then you think.  She is helpful, but she isnt helpful when it comes to saving on your battery usage.  It doesn’t take much to her off though.  Simply go into the settings app, then go to > General > then > Siri.  You simply just turn the knob ti the OFF position and begin saving!  You will find that your battery will start lasting a lot longer.  A rule of thumb for general battery saving is turn of features you don’t use all the time.  It will save on your overall battery usage.  Apple made Siri a free service, but they didn’t mention it would cost you your battery!

iphones-battery-tipsTip # 6:  We hope you know this already, but your brightens setting effects battery more then nearly anything!  Simply go into your setting app and change your brightness level down if you can still see the screen content without straining your eyes.  If you are on iOS 7 you can pull up towards the bottom to change those settings which saves your battery life a little vs. to going into the app finding the setting, changing it, then exiting the app.  The pull-up center is an excellent addition in iOS 7 which should be used to save on your battery life instead of opening apps!  You can also turn on Auto-Brightness.  This can save your battery, because your iPhone detects when you need that extra brightness.  Or if you can stand a very dim light, just turn your brightens all the way down!  It wont be the easiest to see, but at least you can keep using your iPhone without worrying that it will turn off on you!

battery-tip-7-ios-7Tip # 7: Kill those apps!  All the apps that you open are still running all the time when you exit from them.  This obviously causes strain on your battery that doesn’t need to happen.  All you have to do is double-click your home button.  Then on iOS 7 simply swipe UP, if you are still using iOS 6, or a version below that, you can just hold your finger on the app until you see the “X” in the corner.  Click that on all open apps that you are no longer using!  This frees up memory and battery and generally speeds up your whole iPhone!  This alone could be one of the best iPhone Battery Saving Tips we have here if you used it correctly and cancel those pesky apps when they are still open and unused.

battery-tip-8-ios7Tip # 8:  Sounds do use power as well as the vibrate function.  If you are not using your iPhone in a place where it needs to be quiet, simply turn down the volume, and turn off the vibrate.  you can also change the settings in General > sounds.  Save your battery by around 5% when you optimize your sound settings for better battery life!

battery-tip-11Tip # 9:  Reducing the transitions in iOS 7 can in fact help your battery life!   Many people that have updated to iOS 7 have experienced iOS Motion Sickness.  However you can reduce the motion now in the settings app.  Just go into > Settings > Accessibility > Reduce Motion.  This can help your “Motion Sickness” and can also help your battery life by saving you as much as 3% of your battery life!  Turn this OFF and start saving battery life!

hand-holding-iphoneTip # 10:  You touching your iPhone because you think its cool, STOP!  The way we use our iPhones is one of the biggest deciders on how long our iPhone’s battery will last.  Many of us think we are “cool” because we have a brand new iPhone 5S, or 6.  We whip it out just to check the time countless times in public.  We can also sometimes whip out our iPhone in times of embarrassment.  It’s an easy way out, but its not smart.  Your poor battery suffers, and so does your reputation when you constantly touch that iPhone!  Use it for what it was meant to be, but theres no reason why you need to whip it out all the time just to be “cool.”  Come on!?

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