10 Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Gadget Addiction!


The Gadget Flow has every gadget you can think of- starting with iPhone cases to nap pillows to earphones! This week we’ve picked top  choicest gadgets for all gadget lovers out there.the toppers of this week- the top 5 coolest gadgets from The Gadget Flow.

POP Desk With Retro Handse
POP-Desk The POP Desk from Native Union comes with an original retro handset and a cleverly designed stand to hold your mobile or smartphone while it’s plugged into the handset. Why on earth, you may ask, would you need to combine a state-of-art smartphone with a retro handset? For starters, it safeguards your brains from being addled by eliminating 99% of the radiation you absorb when you hold mobile phones up to your ear. More info

Engrain Tactile Keys From Michael Roopenian Design
Engrain-Tactile-Keys-From-Michael-Roopenian-Design The Engrain Tactile Keys, a Michael Roopenian Design creation, will convert your Apple keyboard into a unique masterpiece. Everybody spends a lot of time these days tip-tapping on their keyboards, so shouldn’t it be a more appealing activity? Each set of Engrain Tactile Keys is made from wood and designed to provide a visually pleasing 3D texture out of the natural wood grain. More info

P4 Passive Bamboo Bookshelf Speakers From Audioengine
P4-Passive-Bamboo-Bookshelf-Speakers-From-AudioengineThe P4 Passive Bamboo Bookshelf Speakers have been designed by Audioengine with a specific niche audience that values aesthetics just as much as audio performance. Unlike your traditional hulk of a shapeless black speaker that sticks out like a sore thumb in your living room décor, the P4 is made from bamboo and made not just to sound good, but also to look good. The compact size and solid bamboo color makes it a neat addition to your bookshelf. More info

The Solowheel From Inventist
The-Solowheel-From-Inventist The Solowheel is a self-balancing single wheeled vehicle created by Inventist. You wouldn’t be too far amiss to think that inventors are going around in a circle, having started from the wheel to bicycles and motorized vehicles before returning back to single wheeled unicycles. More info

Pac-Man Heat Change Mug
Pac-Man-Heat-Change-Mug-The Pac-Man Heat Change Mug from Paladone Products is a brilliant innovation that will soon get you addicted to drinking mugs of coffee or tea throughout the day. When there’s no hot beverage inside, it’s just a plain old black mug. More info

Click Message Clock From Gingko
Click-Message-Clock-From-Gingko-The Click Message Clock from Gingko is an eco-friendly clock that does a lot more besides telling time. After all, there’s nothing more mind-numbing than staring at a clock. It’s excruciatingly painful to watch the seconds and minutes go tick-tock on a clock. More info

Bowblade Archery Gaming Console
BowbladeThe Bowblade Archery Gaming Console is not just another video game. It’s video gaming and the Hunger Games all rolled into an exhilarating first-person shooting experience that tests your agility and survival skills, but without anyone getting arrows stuck in their butts. More info

Star Wars Death Star Cookie Jar
The Death Star Cookie Jar is an official Star Wars product, and you may not use it to fire a deadly planet-killing superlaser. What you can do is use it as a space for stationing crunchy cookies or as a weapon of mass cookie distribution. More info

The Simpsons Marge Washing Up Brush
The-Simpsons-Marge-Washing-Up-BrushNow you can have Marge Simpson helping clean dirt and dishes in your kitchen, courtesy the Simpsons Marge Washing Up Brush. No matter how much grease and icky stuff your own Homer and Bart leave on the dishes, Marge will always be there to keep the dishes spotless clean and shining like new. More info

Teddy Bear Lamp From Suck UK
Yogi Bear can’t hold a candle compared to this bright spark. This plush teddy bear toy recently lost his head and it’s now been surgically replaced by a lamp. More info


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