10 of the Most Beautiful Gadgets of the Week

We loved Pixelstick that got featured on the Gadget Flow blog. Light-painting went one step up ahead with Pixelstick. Along with such awesome stories in the blog, we couldn’t help but set our eyes on few more interesting gadgets featured on the portal. SmokingDesigners team is happy to present this week’s top gadgets.  You can view them and see more cool gadgets on TheGadgetFlow.com website.  

Super Nintendo Gamer Soap CartridgesSuper-Nintendo-Gamer-Soap-Cartridges

The Super Nintendo Gamer Soap Cartridges will make sure you’re not separated from that gaming frame of mind even while you’re in the bath or taking a break to wash your hands. These are life-size replicas of the classic SNES game cartridges made using Vegan ingredients.  More info go to TheGadgetFlow.com.

Folding Frame Snow Wolf Wheeled Snow ShovelFolding-Frame-Snow-Wolf-Wheeled-Snow-Shovel

The Folding Frame Snow Wolf aka Sno Wovel is a wheeled snow shovel that greatly reduces physical strain while clearing snow thrice as fast as ordinary shovels. Winter blows in quite a few pains and irksome duties, but none more painful or vexing than shoveling snow.  More info go to TheGadgetFlow.com

Cinema Placemats From Meninos


These Cinema Placemats From Meninos Studios allow you to pre-screen your meals. Is it going to be a healthy and wholesome meal fit for the entire family? Use the green mat which says that “The Following MEAL has been approved for ALL AUDIENCES.”  More info go to TheGadgetFlow.com

USB Rocket Launcher


The USB Rocket Launcher from ThinkGeek is an incredibly effective weapon for use in intra-office or classroom warfare. All you have to do is plug it into your computer by using a USB cable. You can launch little foam rockets that can hit a target at a distance of up to 25 feet. More info go to TheGadgetFlow.com

Anki DRIVE Starter Kit


The Anki DRIVE Starter Kit is a video game that has jumped out into the real world, with smart cars imbued with artificial intelligence racing against each other and human players. It’s kind of like one of those toy railroad track kits that comes with its own landscape. More info go to TheGadgetFlow.com

Snuglet MacBook Power Cable ConnectorSnuglet-MacBook-Power-Cable-Connector

The Snuglet MacBook Power Cable Connector solves one of the most irritating design flaws in the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The new MacBooks are a thing of beauty and make the owner proud, but the power connector is a very delicate thing that gives up charging at the slightest provocation.  More info go to TheGadgetFlow.com

Keypal Pro Bluetooth App ControllerKeypal-Pro-Bluetooth-App-Controller-

The Keypal Pro Bluetooth App Controller is an app-enabled key fob from Albers Inc. It has three buttons that help you control what the app on your iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch is doing. There are specially designed jukebox, camera, recorder and other apps that can be controlled by the Keypal Pro using Bluetooth. More info go to TheGadgetFlow.com

Limited Edition Monty Python Killer Bunny SlippersLimited-Edition-Monty-Python-Killer-Bunny-Slippers

This vicious pair of Killer Bunny Slippers is an officially licensed Monty Python limited edition product. Just like a meek Jim Carrey turns into the mischievous and powerful Mask, these puppies will give you the mad-dog power of the Rabbit of Caerbannog. More info go to TheGadgetFlow.com

Chat Coasters From Meninos

These Chat Coasters from Meninos Studio are not just there to help save your tabletops and desks from the dreaded hot and cold beverage rings. They’re also part of the conversation, since you can just put down your coffee mug or beer can down on what you want to say. More info go to TheGadgetFlow.com

JBL Spark Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Spark is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that stands out from the competition by combining good looks with superb sound. It comes in three bright colors – red, blue and a garish yellow. Throw in a translucent body shaped like a megaphone with a sturdy metal grill on its face, and top it off with a fabric-finished cable and power adapter in matching colors.  For more information go to the TheGadgetFlow.com


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